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The Feasibility of Quality Management Software for your Smartphone

It’s hard to admit, but you’ve got a secret love in your life.  No, you’re not involved in some kind of sordid tryst, but you do spend most of your day with this furtive paramour of yours.  Truth be told, it’s your cellphone and you’ve fallen hard.  For this all-essential gadget is not just for answering and making phone calls.  This is where the love factors in; your phonedoes it all.  It can download games, stream television shows, it’s got that all-important GPS navigator, you can read your newspaper, check the stock market, take pictures, listen to music, scan documents, open email.  Yes, you love your wife, but your phone, well, she really is special.  But how does one little device do so much? Let’s take a good look at smartphones and the inner workings of that all-important software.

If you think about smartphones, they really are just pocket-sized versions of your personal computer, and actually they can be even handier than your laptop.   There is no lacking in any of the convenient functions that your larger computer offers;it’s just reduced to fit in a tinier-sized package.  One downfall is in its miniaturized screen, but of course you can simply enlarge with the touch of your fingers.   But the real magic lies in the software; depending on the brand of phone, you will need to download that specific software into your mobile device before you do any syncing with your pc.  That goes for each one of these phones; Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile Apps and your iPhone.

How can this mobile device help in the business world? Easy.  Let’s say you need to review a very important document, no problem.  Emailed, opened, read and replied.  Your end of the quarter sales order needs your manager’s signature, ASAP.  Good thing for you you’ve downloaded, signeasy on your cellphone and for your boss.  He signs and emails it back, you’ve just put another sales order in your pocket and just in the nick of time.  To say this gives you and your company a sense of unlimited freedoms, well, it really does allow that.  No more waiting around a hotel lobby for the antiquated paper fax to come through, it’s on your phone, signed and forwarded on in a matter of mili-seconds.

Talk about a powerful document control system.  Let’s say you are the business owner, how can your smartphone help get you up and running? You’re very busy (what with tradeshows and conventions for your latest startup), your cellphone buzzes and there is a message from one of your very first clients, you respond back and reassure him about the status of his purchase order.  Your cellphone rings and this time it’s your secretary she says the office supplies guy is here, you remind him that your account was just set up remotely just this morning.  He checks his paperwork and indeed it was.  Your phone rings again with a reminder that your business marketing lecture across town starts in 30 minutes.  You leave your booth; manned with one of your sales reps and head off, armed with a few folders and your phone, you check the taxi app you downloaded last night and watch as your cab meanders through traffic and makes it right up to your curb.

Could this all have happened without your smartphone? Yes, but could it have been so easy and convenient? Never!

Author Bio:- Randall Gates is a business professional who specializes in quality management systems and software. He frequently writes on these topics and currently blogs for cebos.com, a provider of document control software.

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