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The Dangers of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is very popular now. People love to go onto Facebook and Twitter and post their problems. They then wait for other people to solve them for them.

While this is great in theory and often results in the person getting exactly what they were after, there are still some concerns about crowdsourcing that people should be wary of.

For instance, you need to verify that the information you are being told is correct. If you are looking for accommodation and someone has replied, this information may be incorrect or even worse, it could be a scam. Try to check everything and get it independently confirmed before you go out and act on it.

Then there is the issue of people posting sensitive information. A lawyer who is stuck, may post details of a case and this be breaching attorney-client privilege. Similarly a doctor may look to crowdsourcing to help him or her with something and in the process post details about a patient.

Crowdsourcing also allows for things to be manipulated. For instance if there is a competition and people have to vote for something or someone what may happen is that thousands or tens of thousands fake votes may be cast.

A company may open something to a vote and not be happy with the result and so chooses a different winner anyway, making the whole exercise pointless.

Not that these bad things happen all the time but given human nature and how it is, you have to be wary of these potential outcomes. If everyone is honest and has no ulterior motives then crowdsourcing can result in some creative outcomes. This is a great thing and speaks well for the merits of crowdsourcing.

Author Bio:- David Wise works in Los Angeles. When not talking about Social Media and Technology he works in human resources for RN jobs Los Angeles. He is a fan of the LA Clippers.

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