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The Coolest Apps for College Students

College can be an exciting, and really hard, time in anyone’s life. If you are going to survive, then you need the right apps by your side to make the next two, four or more years easier on you. Whether you are looking for productivity apps, or just ones for fun, this list will give you a small taste of all the best apps out there for your college life.

StudyTracker Pro

When you leave college to get a job, most people are going to take a good, long look at your GPA. Whether you are naturally the studious type, or if you just need some help getting into studying, this app can be a boon. It comes with many helpful features that can assist in managing grades and study times.

One of the main functions of this app is to tally your total study hours. It also allows you to manage your exam and assignment scores, and it will help balance your scores against your studying to say how effective you are at cramming. Not only that, but it makes it easier to know your current grade.

Google Docs

When you think about spreadsheets and word processing, your first thought is probably Microsoft. However, Google Docs has a great set of tools you can use that basically mimics the Microsoft variant.

The best part is, Google Docs is free. If you need a powerful spreadsheet or word processing editor on your mobile platform, then Google Docs will be great. You can use this to better study and take notes, or it can help with group assignments or places where laptops are difficult to lug around.

Pandora Radio

You probably have hundreds or thousands of songs on your iPhone, but what’s wrong with hearing something new? Pandora Radio gives you the chance to make a custom channel, and it can help you find something new through its “Suggestion” tool. It will look at your current music, and it will try to find something similar to your tastes.

It’s been proven that listening to music you like naturally raises dopamine, and it helps with efficient studying. So plug this app in and get to cramming!

EZ Read++

No teacher is going to tell you to rely on Sparknotes, but there are plenty that will say it can be a handy reference guide. With EZ Read++, you can easily upload Sparknotes pages so they can be viewed offline. Just make sure you don’t rely on this too much, as it can land you some pretty bad grades if you don’t actually read the book.


Finding it hard to organize your science, literature and math course notes? This helpful app can take your PDF, Word or Excel course notes, and it will seamlessly combine them into one file. This makes it much easier to look through all your notes, without losing track of anything.

Being in college can be both fun and challenging, and having the right apps improves your studying and the entirety of your college life. Try out these five apps, and see what they can do to improve your next few years in college.

Author Bio:- Mary Baxter is a part time writer looking at online masters in nursing programs to further her career in nursing.

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