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The Buffet Table of Web Hosting

When we talk about web hosting, we are actually including a wide variety of different types of host-services under the umbrella of that phrase. The most basic structure available is the free web hosting service. This type of service is often financed by advertisement, but still it will only provide you with a fraction of the services included when you compare it to a paid service.

Then we have the shared web hosting service. This is when your website is gathered alongside with hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of others, all enjoying the same standard structure of internet access and maintenance as your next door internet neighbour. With a shared service the vast amount of resources available to you can be quite handsome.

The reseller web hosting type means that some entrepreneurial mind has gathered some web server licenses which the reseller then in turn leases out to you as a user. This means that you become your own web host, but that the reseller still provides the technical support and added features that were included in the original deal.

If you are looking to take that one step further, you can choose to go with the dedicated hosting service, which gives you access and full control over your own web server even though you will not own the server per say. This of course requires a pretty extensive technical knowledge on your part, and if you are just a hobby browser, this options is likely not all that appealing or rewarding for you.

The collocation web hosting service bares a lot of resemblance with the dedicated hosting service, but with this deal you as an owner will be the sole proprietor of the actual collocation server, but the original hosting company will still linger in the background as they provide the physical space of the server and also the maintenance and internet access. Other than that, the collocation host probably will not provide any additional services to the collocation user.

The cloud hosting service is a relatively new and interesting platform, since it provides a decentralized service it is less vulnerable to local power breaks or the technical malfunctioning of a particular hardware. It kind of outsources the risks, making the system reliable and powerful. It also keep tabs on the exact amount of internet data you as you user actually spend, so the billing for their services is accurate in comparison to those hosting services that are charging you a flat fee for what you the amount of data that you are expected to use.

So these are some of the types of different web hosting services that are available, and, as you can see, there is one almost for every purpose and one to suit every possible need. So you can save some money by first identifying what kind of user you are, and then trying to match your characteristic with a reliable and suitable web hosting type.

There is no technological wizardry behind hosting. Just common sense.

Author Bio:- Authour bio:Steffany Kellam is graduated student from economic University. She loves writing Internet and business related articles when she has free time. It is interesting fact that his friends use the word webbhotell for web hosting.

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