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The Best Way To Make Genuine And Natural Backlinks

The biggest search Engine of the world Google is ranking on content, formatting and backlinking. So if you are running blog or website then you must be looking for backlinking. It’s not quite hard to create a quick genuine backlinks for your website but it needs some hard working and concentration. Some of the new babies focus on blog commenting for building baclinks, this is really very bad practice. It creates negative image in the eye of Google. Do focus on Guest posting, article marketing and Email marketing.

Excellent Content:

Content content and content, just focus on you content what ever you love to read so also right on this topic on your blog. All Search Engines especially Google focus on great content after a number of updating of Google Panda Update. So if you have great content on you website, readers will off course link back to you website link. This is way you should focus on writing skills and knock their socks off with killer and interesting content.

Web Directories:

Web Directories are also very common use of creating backlink purpose from last several years of SEO but its still works. You can find out hundreds of Web Directories of free and post you website/blog into relevant category

Social networking sites:

Now days social networking site on its top, you can easily generate large amount of backlinks by sharing your website links. Facebook, GooglePlus, twitter and hundreds of social networking websites allow you to share your link with it. It will create builds backlinks naturally from social networks.

Guest blogging:

Guest blogging also helpful now days to create unique backlink for you website, Popular niche blogs and website will get back you a quality backlink to your site.

Website Themes:

Create and upload free website themes of different CMS (wordpress, Jomala) and post yours website links at the end of footer.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is a great way to create backlinks and also for your website advertise. Sign up many Video website (Youtube, Google Video) and create free backlinks for your website.

Above are genuine and working backlinking techniques now days, there are also some other unique techniques as well. Do tell me as well which is most beneficial and easy to implement for creating backlinks.

Author Bio:- Khawar Junjoi is a SEO Expert, Web Programmer and founder of Watch TV Online and
TechloMedia from last 5 years. He is currently working as a mobile application developer for Android Phones.

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  • Sachin

    September 28, 2012, 12:02 am

    Hi, I have recently created a website on environment, link provided above, how can I get geniun backliinks to my site?

  • flyingmat

    September 11, 2012, 12:02 am

    Thanks for the tips i’m working on building genuine backlinks for my free classifieds website and I’ll be following what you mentioned.


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