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The Best Features of Linksys, Cisco, and Netgear

Unless you have only one device you need to connect to the Internet, you are going to need some type of router. A router connects to your modem and has a number of ports you can connect to. Most routers are also capable of wireless connectivity as well. You can have one router in the office and the computer or game system in your living room can connect to the Internet with it. The three big names in routers are Linksys, Cisco and Netgear.  A quick glance follows for each of them.


Linksys routers offer great performance with simultaneous dual band connections. They have built in security so you can restrict access to your network from outsiders. They have high speed capabilities and USB drive sharing. The routers come with everything you need to get a network up and running, an Ethernet cord, the power cord and an installation CD ROM. They are also protected with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Cisco has joined with Linksys for their newest routers. You will enjoy the same high speeds and Wi-Fi protection that Linksys has. Stream HD movies to your television through your dvd player or game system and have multiple computers running all at the same time. Cisco systems also offer the ability to allow people access to your network from your cell phone.


Netgear offers you the ability to add new devices to your network with a simple push of a button. This is much easier than going into your router settings and adding the MAC address of the device. They are fast and allow you to have two wireless frequencies running at the same time. This means having the gaming system, the DVD player and computer all on the Internet at the same time will not slow things down. The set up process is easy and only takes a few minutes.

It is not enough to have a modem hooked up to your desktop computer any more. Today’s technology calls for wireless Internet capabilities in your home. You need a dependable router that is not going to slow you down when everyone is busy doing their own thing. Make sure you get the device that will handle all you want it to handle and be easy to operate. You do not want everyone in the house coming to you every time they lose connection, they should all be able to take care of it.

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