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The Best Car-Related Apps for Your Mobile Devices

As more and more people invest in mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs, there is an increase in the number of applications available for download. Most people are already aware of the apps for things like games and news, but there are also a wide variety of applications perfect for car enthusiasts. Whether you are interested in the weather for an upcoming drive, information on traffic or just want to figure out what is wrong with your car, one of these top car-related apps can help you to know more about your car and stay safe on the road.

1# Kelley Blue Book

Car buyers must already be familiar with the Kelley Blue Book. This is a way to check the actual retail value of any car based on condition, mileage, year and model. Simply input all the available data and the result is a numeric value where you can begin your negotiating. Having the app means wherever you have your phone, you can be in a strong position when buying a used car.

2# Google Maps Mobile

This is one of the top ranked navigation applications on the market. While Google Maps alone will display maps and let the driver know where to turn via pictures and arrows, the mobile version takes it one step further, replacing the GPS device in the car completely. Voice commands tell the driver exactly where to go, and even responds to verbal questions about which road to turn on.

3# iWrecked

One of the biggest struggles for those who have been in a car accident is remembering the proper procedure for what to document, where to go with the information and who to contact. The iWrecked app helps drivers know exactly what to do, and in what order. Take pictures of the scene, knowing what to focus on in each picture for insurance purposes. It will even recommend local towing companies or auto repair shops if necessary.

4# iGasUp

With the cost of gas currently fluctuating, it is hard to know which gas stations will offer the lowest price on any particular day. Download the iGasUp application to make the decision clear cut and easy. As soon as you open the app, it will present the driver with a list of the 10 nearest gas stations. You can then rank them in order of proximity or by price. This helps you to spend the least amount of money on gas and find gas stations in a hurry if you really need to fill up fast.

5# aCar

Even the newest cars will need some level of maintenance, which can be hard to remember. The aCar application allows drivers to keep track of things like oil changes and tire rotations, or even separate business miles from personal miles in order to get reimbursed accurately.

Each of these car related apps has a great place in the life of a car driver. Use one or all of them to keep safe behind the wheel.

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