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The Advantages of Green Printing for SMEs

For all start-ups in the current economic climate cash flow is the most important factor in the long term success. In order to survive these tough financial times many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are choosing to adopt a responsible, rational mentality in terms of saving money within the office.

One of the most effective ways of cutting costs is to start thinking green. Not only is it a good way of showing consideration for the wider environment, business owners can also pocket the pennies saved from adopting energy efficient processes in the workplace.

Most SMEs are completely unaware of how much they spend on printing costs – a major mistake when you consider some firms spend as much as six per cent of their annual revenue on printing, according to industry estimates.

The primary advantage of green printing for SMEs is simply the money saved. Some firms could save upwards of 30 per cent either by adopting managed print services or slimming down their print requirements.

The Government has been increasing the pressure on businesses to cut their carbon emissions and meet carbon reduction targets. A recent development that has interested SMEs is Solid Ink Technology.

During the last decade Xerox has been able to reduce the energy consumption of solid ink printers from 75 per cent to just 33 per cent. And not only do these printers save energy and costs, they also have a vastly reduced carbon footprint, conserve fewer raw materials and produce an impressive 90 per cent less waste than a standard laser printer.

Some businesses also see it prudent to invest in GreenPrint software. This can be adopted in any workplace, especially those that don’t own Xerox solid ink printers. The software automatically highlights and removes unwanted pages before the printing stage. This is done by analysing every individual page sent to the printer, looking for typical waste characteristics such as one line pages or wasteful graphics such as banner ads or logos.

The same goes for hard copies of staff handbooks and manuals that could be electronically stored. An electronic library stored on a server or ‘cloud’ gives employees swift access to documents that can also be amended at any time.

The system also includes a PDF writer which offers users an alternative to document printing if data can be created and transferred electronically. It also features a reporting function which keeps track of all the paper, money, trees and CO2 you’ve saved.

In conclusion, managing a businesses’ print systems can bring a whole host of benefits to start-ups, allowing them to monitor, maintain and slash costs, improve efficiency and benefit in day-to-day operations.

Author Bio:- The advantages of green printing for SMEs was written by First Choice Business Systems, the experienced leaders in providing document management solutions. With over 130 years of combined experience in the industry and an extensive partner network including Xerox, INVU and Formic, make them your first choice for the best possible printing solutions at the lowest production costs.

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