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The Advancing Age of Voice Recognition Apps

Just a few years ago, you could talk and store contacts on a mobile phone. Desktop computers were still a completely different ball game; then laptops and even smaller systems came on the market. Many smartphones today let you do everything that can be accomplished on a computer, and the ways you can access all of the features keeps advancing too.

The most popular app for sensing your voice is Siri, which Apple integrated into the iPhone just in 2011. Instead of pressing buttons or flicking the touchscreen, you can speak to the phone to make calls, find contacts, get directions and look up information online. Making a phone’s functions easier for the user is yet another advent of the new modern era, just as an SEOcompany in effect makes authoritative sites more visible on search results.

The Competition Heats Up

Google has long extended a range of services besides simple searching. The company has recently released the Google Voice Search service for Android. You can ask a question and an answer will appear on the screen, similar to what has been possible on iOS. The service is available through an app that is compatible with Android, BlackBerry and Apple too. You may get answers in full sentences because the program is designed to interpret language.

Just as the popular search engine lets you find any kind of information, the app will enable you to look up local establishments such as movie theaters and their schedules. Information from celebrity facts to geography will be available also. In addition to the new app competing with Apple, the voice search program will also be offered for iPhone and iPad.

More Choices

You can also take advantage of voice recognition for Android with Everfriends – Voice Assistant. Developed by Russian app publisher i-Free Innovations, it was recently launched in the United States and offers the choice of purchasing add-ons for characters and voices. A personality-filled voice, an alien and others are characters included with the free version. The app is built on an artificial intelligence technology that was recognized by a UK contest called the Turning 100 AI Machines Competition.

Another program called Galaxy is available if you are a Samsung Galaxy III user. Part of the S Voice app, it can open other applications and has other functions similar to Siri. It is becoming more commonplace to find voice recognition apps no matter what kind of device you have.

Advancements in understanding language and producing text from speech, for texts and emails, are also making these apps attractive for different types of users. Since the integration of Siri with the Apple iOS, the competition has heated up. You may have more than one option, depending on the system you’re using. One thing is for sure: Access to the multitude of smartphone features has never been easier.

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