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The 4 Popular Crowd Funding Websites

The concept of crowd funding is gaining importance lately as the future of business indicates sharing. Several crowd funding platforms have come up to support businesses for new and contemporary projects with online funding. This article focuses on some of the best crowd funding websites that are dedicated to provide help and support to people who are in need of money.

Razoo.com – Mobile technology for crowdfunding

Razoo invites people at the outset to generously donate money for the causes they support. The Razoo team has so far raised more than $95 million. Individuals, Nonprofits, Corporations and Foundations can join the Razoo movement to donate or fundraise for projects. Non-profits and individuals who raised funds and donated felt happy and fulfilled with Razoo. People give a credit to Razoo for its excellent customer service and website design.

This movement has gained much momentum with the introduction of mobile crowdfunding. Razoo’s new iphone app helps people to donate on the go, view the progress of fund raising, request people to contribute for a cause and thank people who make a donation. Razoo.com has taken the lead in Mobile Crowdfunding and the iphone app/mobile website are considered best in the business.

Go FundMe.com – Fund raising for personal causes and life events

Go FundMe is a online fund raising service which allows users to create their donation page and raise money for a cause like accident, illness, medical bills or education. This # 1 crowd funding website allows for customised donation page, so users can use attractive color design and add photos to the campaign.Users can raise for their own purpose or for their friends.

Go FundMe.com has Facebook and Twitter integrated to help users reach their friends and the whole world with their fund raising campaign. Visitors to a donation page attract more donors by sharing. Every fund raiser can keep a track of the amount received towards the campaign and how much is still

required to achieve the goal. Other details like visitors to the donation page, the people who have donated and  the donation amount are available to know the performance of the campaign.

Collecting donations with GoFundMe.com seems easy as this website has heavy traffic and is easy to understand. It also has an advantage of having a supporting community ready to help one another.

Payable.com – Crowd funding for web development

Building a website can cost a business almost $10000 towards the software development. If you have a great idea and would like to develop it into a professional website but lack funds, head to Payable.com. It is place where small businesses can convert their new ideas to successful projects using the online funding approach. The cost required to develop the project is shared among people who are willing to

create a similar project instead of working as an individual.

Organizations can post their contemporary ideas on which interested people cast their votes and discuss the possibilities of the project. Payable selects the most viable popular ideas and invites bids from freelance programmers to determine the project development cost, thereby chooses the development team to complete the project. Then the project opens for online funding and any member of Payable

can pledge an amount towards the development cost. When an idea has been successfully developed and tested, it is available for sale at Payable and the funders will receive a copy of the software for free. Funders also receive a share of profit from the sale of the software to customers.

Payable offers software products and services made by freelancers like clone websites, new websites and mobile applications for your android phone and iphone. Services include website design, web hosting packages, logo design, malware removal, consultancy service and more.

Crowdrise.com – Online fundraising

Crowdrise enables you to start a fund raising campaign and raise money for charity. You can also join someone else’s fund raising team and help them for the cause. The charitable life profile page is your profile page which tells more about you and your charitable activities. This page is highly customizable which allows you to add photos, videos and make it an attractive one. Crowdrise has Facebook and Twitter integrated to it so you can share your fundraiser page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also through the Facebook Send Messages service. Crowdrise Motto: With Crowdrise you raise money for charity and have fun while doing it.

Author Bio:- Caroline is an internet marketer, blogger loves to write more articles on Social media, SEO  presently working on online funding and more.

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