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The 12 SEO Advice To Follow In 2013

Time influences everything in the world. Writing good content, cooperating with linking partners, becoming a leader is a very slow way. You will get links but nobody knows when. While choosing this way you need many months, maybe years. Rare client will wait so long.

Usually you get a salary at least once a month and clients desire to see visible results which persuade them to continue working with you. There are 12 effective ways to speed up link building process. And now we want to share this information with you.

SEO Tips

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1# Start link building at once

It is useless to wait till some web-pages will be done perfectly. Don’t wait for indexation of your client’s site. It is stupid. If you sign the contract you must start working.

2# Learn everything about your clients business

Find out contacts of all vendors, dealers involved in this deal. Ask them for links. The best way of realizing this task is to ask for some reviews. If you recommend them they will reciprocate in most times.

2# Use your clients partners

If your client is a part of some association this fact will help you to get links. You can create a special page on its site. Most times such websites are not thumbs down about back links. It is a good chance to get links from topical sites, even with edu and gov domains.

3# Don’t forget your client’s assets

If a client owns not only one site, it’s possible to use this in order to speed up link building process. Just add link to index page of every website. But never fall over this way, remember the more links are posted on the website the less effective they are.

If your client’s product has some quantity of real fans follow this instruction:

A:– Firstly, create some community mark for fans. Announce it everywhere.

B:- Improve users’ profiles. Interest them to add maximum information and they    probably will link out to it.

C:- Stimulate your webmasters and users with presents or discounts to link you.

5# Use your relationship

Having worked in some sphere for enough time means many business connections. Why not to use this? Contact acquaintance  bloggers, webmasters, firms and offer something  for the review/

6# Don”t forget to use press releases.

You can write anything there. About re-start of some product, about your cooperation. Almost everything suites here. There exist many paid services e.g. PRWeb.

7# Apply niche catalogs

Any directory with moderation worth using it during link building.

8# Use Articles

It is not the easy way. You write articles using proper keywords and submit them to enzine, esnare …Don’t believe anyone who says that articles catalogs are useless now.

9# Competitor’s link analysis

This feature will help you to  find all the best strategies used by others.

10# Create a strategy

Don’t try to do this firstly. It is really impossible. Creating strategy without real steps means wasting time. Spot your aims and deadlines. Without proper planning any aim becomes unattainable.

11# Get any links that don’t acquire additional expenses or relationships

The quickest way to get links but demands some creativity.

12# Value your links

What for we use Majestic and similar services. For evaluation. To speed up some processes, to delegate simple monotonous tasks etc. Use everything to make the process faster and more effective.

Submitted by Alex Strike, a blogger who can’t live without writing. Alex writes for free eBooks online websites, and covers the topics of Internet marketing, social media, and innovative technologies.

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  • Jenny

    September 3, 2013, 7:37 pm

    hi bilal.. nice post..
    all above advice you provided that are very essential to work on SEO strategies and i like your all advice which are simple but informative..great job..thanks


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