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The 10 most important differences between PC and Mac

The battle between these two computing formats has been raging for many years and seems likely to go on forever. But what are the actual distinctions between formats? Is it simply a matter of design OR are they quite fundamentally different?


There’s no question that the look of a computer has a huge impact on who it appeals to and Macs have traded for years on attracting a certain kind of crowd with its cool, grey tones and rounded edges. PCs are designed for computing practicality while Macs are more focused on aesthetics and usability for the less tech minded.


Mac vs PCThis is the thing that most people will notice pretty quickly, especially when you get to the checkout. Most Mac products are going to set you back at least a grand, usually a lot more, whereas you can get a PC with equivalent computing power for about half the price, especially if you look around at a few online computer stores.


For all the creativity and individuality that the Mac supposedly represents, it’s hard to get around the fact that all models look pretty much identical. You can have any style you like, so long as it’s Mac. However, the PC world is conspicuously different in this regard, there are such a huge number of models and styles that the phrase spoiled for choice hardly does it justice.


It might surprise some to know that Mac products still only account for less than 10 percent of the computer market, despite their seeming ubiquity. Part of this is to do with the fact that they are much more selective with who can sell their products. So it can often be a bit harder to get your hands on a new model Mac than a PC counterpart.

Operating System

The operating system goes hand in hand with the hardware when comparing these two computing formats. Although it is technically possible to run windows on a PC, it’s a pretty unsatisfactory experience. In general, the Mac systems are designed to be easy to use with limited ability to customize operations, where a PC gives much greater control to the user.


There is a pretty consistent stereotype that portrays Mac users as young, hummus munching small l-liberals and PC users as creaking, sweater adorned losers. But, as usual, stereotypes are pretty misleading. Considering the market domination of PCs and the fact that younger generations are heavier users of technology, it’s simple maths to prove these impressions wrong.


There is considerably less software available for the Mac platform, and it is one of many reasons why the format still hasn’t captured a larger portion of the market. PC is far better suited for the user who wants to use a large range of software.


The fact that most of the computers in the world are PCs running windows operating systems, means that these are the targets of malware and other type of cyber attacks. Criminals, like anyone in business, are always going to go for the biggest market. However, contrary to popular opinion, Macs are not immune to cyber attacks.


There are no serious gamers running Mac systems, they aren’t designed for it, and Apple have clearly decided it’s a market not worth pursuing which is possibly another reason they still control a minority of the market.

Customer experience

In a number of surveys, Mac users have declared a higher rate of satisfactory experience when it comes to troubleshooting and repairs. However, this may be down to the fact that there is a quasi-religiousness to Mac users’ perception of the computing experience where PC users tend to be a bit more discerning and critical.

As we have seen, there are considerable differences between the mainstream computing options. You can go for a stylish and user-friendly experience or choose to take control of your system and have a truly free computing experience. Choose carefully!

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  • sher zada ghalib

    November 22, 2015, 3:19 pm

    PC can’t bring out of door every time, while Mac can bring every place.

  • sailesh

    November 17, 2015, 12:28 pm

    Pc is cheep and mac is expensive. Pc is best for gaming and all other thing


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