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The 10 Best Home Gadgets of 2012

The twenty-first century has brought us a wealth of practical, time-saving, and entertaining gadgets. Movies and videos can now be watched almost anywhere. People have endless informational resources right at their fingertips, and communications tools bring people together. Clearly, we are living in the future. 2012 has also brought us a wealth of home gadgets designed to save time, save money, and make everyday home life more convenient. Here are a few of the time-saving, high-tech toys that can make your 2012 a little more awesome.

Ben and Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

Tired of your roommate or spouse pilfering your ice cream? The Ben and Jerry’s Euphori-Lock slaps a three-digit combination lock right on the pint container, keeping it safe from sneaky ice cream thieves. You can rest easy knowing your ice cream is safe — unless some enterprising soul tears right through the container.


If you ever need to make a cup of espresso in the wild, the Handpresso portable espresso maker will become your new best friend. The Handpresso can make espresso, cappucino, Americano, or a latte, and all it needs is hot water and a coffee pod. At just over 8 inches long, it can easily go wherever you go.

idKitchen Digital Measuring Spoon

This digital measuring spoon is a one-size-fits all measuring device that’s perfect for cooks obsessive with getting their measurements just right. It measures liquids, powders, and solids with pinpoint accuracy, and requires only one spoon to do the measuring.

iPad2 Fridge Mount

If you frequently use your iPad for recipes or entertainment while you cook, but don’t want to risk damaging it, this fridge mount will get your iPad safely and securely out of your way. The iPad snaps in place on two brackets (held securely with adhesive strips) and holds the device wherever you want it, so you can watch videos or read recipes while you work.

John Deere Robomower

Like a Roomba for your lawn, the John Deere Robomower is a fully programmable mower that cuts grass without any visible blades. Battery-operated and digitally operated via a control panel, the all-terrain Robomower takes almost all the work out of yard maintenance.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Unlike a traditional thermostat, which gets set at one temperature and stays there, the cutting-edge Nest learns and remembers the temperatures you like and will automatically set an energy “schedule” for the entire house. Nest will adjust the temperature when you’re at home and set it differently when you’re away, saving money and energy. The Nest can even automatically sense when no one is home and will adjust itself automatically. It can also be controlled via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Plumen Eco Bulb

The Plumen Eco Bulb seeks to elevate the simple lightbulb into a work of art. Rather than the drab shape of the traditional bulb, the Plumen incorporates a series of elegant, twisted curves, giving it a decorative aspect as well as a practical one. The Plumen is a great way to add aesthetic value to a room without spending a fortune.


Designed to bring content from the Internet onto your television, the tiny, inexpensive Roku is bridging the gap between the two. Roku can stream videos from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Go, Pandora internet radio, and more. The Roku plays high-definition video, can be controlled from iOS devices, and puts all the entertainment you need in one place.

Author Bio:- Thanks to Policy Expert for their roundup of the best home gadgetry of 2012. If you need coverage for any of your household items, then look into contents insurance at PolicyExpert.co.uk.

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  • Rahul

    December 11, 2012, 6:45 pm

    awesome bilal all are awesome gadgets i watched all video i want to also purchase thanks for sharing

  • Tech Blog

    December 11, 2012, 2:55 pm

    “John Deere Robomower” I have seen its ad on TV, That machine done its job fast, one of my friend have one and i am also getting one in few days, well mentioned Bilal Ahmed


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