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Temple Run 2 Now on Android

As one of the most adored mobile action games, Temple Run has been enthralling gamers who take the role of an explorer attempting to steal an idol by overcoming hazardous obstacles. For Android users who have been long waiting to dangle on ropes, escape goliath apes and jump over cliffs, the sweetener is the release of Temple Run 2. As the sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Temple Run’, ‘Temple Run 2’ mobile action game comes with numerous graphical updates and gaming tweaks.

Temple Run 2

History of Temple Run

Developed by Imangi Studios, Temple Run was first launched for iOS devices in August 2011. Developed, designed and programmed Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, Temple Run debuted on iTunes as a fast action, single player mobile game. The game received rave reviews and racked up good scores from Metacritic and IGN. After its success on iTunes, the developer released the Android version of the game on March 2012, which also garnered over one million downloads in just three days. In June 2012, Imangi Studios teamed up with Disney to launch ‘Temple Run: Brave’, a paid mobile game to promote Disney’s movie ‘Brave’. Temple Run: Brave was an instant hit among the masses and was reported to be the most-downloaded paid game at that time.

Temple Run 2

In March 2012, Imangi Studios reported that it had started the development works for the sequel game to Temple Run in order to bring back the thrills and spills of the company’s flagship game. After nine months of development works, Temple Run 2 was finally released on January 16, 2013 for iOS and January 24, 2013 for Android.

Gaming Experience

The new sequel game comes with appealing graphics, fascinating organic environments, new obstacles & power-ups, extra special powers and a bigger ape. The fast-paced game is themed around an explorer who attempts to steal a precious idol from an ancient temple. While he attempts to lure the idol, he faces numerous obstacles and is being chased by a goliath ape. The game is all about the ability of the explorer to run as far as he can, while fending off the obstacles. On the run, the game brings about new interesting twists and turns that is topped off with splendid graphics.

Explorer has to navigate through rough terrain, jump over dangerous cliffs, ancient mines and treacherous forests. As the explorer, you start off attempting to escape from the ape by swinging the rope to jump over the bridge. From that point on, it’s non-stop running to save the character’s life by crossing bridges, ducking under bridges and working out the right turns. You score points and gain powers on the way, but it is immaculate for you to react quickly or seed the demise of the character by crashing, falling over or being caught by the ape.


The game since launch has become a massive hit garnering more than 20 million downloads on iTunes and close to 70,000 downloads on Google Play. On average, iOS users have given the game a four star rating, while Android users have given a 4.5 rating.

iOS: To download the game from iTunes, click here: Download

Android: To download the game from Google Play, click here: Download

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