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Technology Interview Trends: What to Expect in 2012

The technology industry is one that continues to grow considerably during 2012, as the knowledge, application and creative thinking of innovators throughout the world continues to push the boundaries of possibility. Given the relative prosperity of the technology sector, and the increasing number of unemployed individuals who are looking to find long term work placements, the industries job market is particularly competitive and demands a great deal of aspiring candidates. This has given power to employers in the technology market, and encouraged them to be genuinely creative in their screening processes.

The Technology Interview: What to Look For

While there are certain techniques and methods of questioning that have always characterized the technology job interview, employers within the industry are constantly looking to innovate and find new ways of testing their candidates mettle. This reflects the evolutionary nature of the market itself, and dictates that aspiring candidates must remain alert and aware when seeking suitable employment. Consider the following: –

Make Breaking News and Trends Your Daily Reading Material

Your effectiveness as a technology candidate will be largely dictated by your ability to remain in touch with breaking news and trends, and this will be a key point of your interview. Employers will test your knowledge of specific markets, products and developments, so it is crucial that you have the awareness to field these questions comfortably. A good starting point from which to build this knowledge is the Internet, where relevant feeds and breaking news can be delivered to your inbox on a daily basis.

Think Critically During the Interview Process

The majority of technological services offer innovative solutions to specific problems, such as web hosting firms, software designers and online security companies. The nature of this work demands a critical thought process from staff members, who must assess a problem and then develop considered and workable solutions. Critical thinking questions are therefore widely used in technology interviews, and it is important to remember that your thought patterns and ability to conceive ideas are more valuable than the specific answer that you give.

Prepare for Unusual Interview Questions

In 2011 it was revealed that technology firms featured heavily when it came to posing unusual interview questions in Europe and the U.S.. Hewlett Packard and Apple were at the forefront of this trend, as employers looked to gauge their candidate’s ability to think creatively and showcase a critical approach to problem solving. These questions were especially effective as they were often posed in the midst of a standard interview format, and therefore also tested an applicant’s capacity to react under sudden and extreme pressure.

The Bottom Line

These trends are prominent in the technology industry at present, and therefore provide a good foundation of knowledge and awareness from which an application can present themselves. Whether you are looking to work in research, engineering, software development or web hosting, you must take an active interest in the market and be prepared to showcase a clear and critical method of thinking.

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