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Is Technology Improving Our Education?

Technology in Education

Some people have doubts whether technology has improved modern education or made it weaker, it is a controversial topic for discussions and persuasive writing papers in colleges. Technology has definitely changed the educational process, and nowadays students do not even realize how much easier studying has become thanks to technological progress. There is no need to spend wearisome hours in libraries in search of snippets of useful information, now it is only a few clicks away, cherry-picked and ready-to-use. And although the proximity and availability of information is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the presence of technological changes in the process of studying, it is definitely not the only one, and here’s why:

  1. Advanced search of literally everything you might need. News archives, interviews, investigations, photos and videos relevant for your research are available from the comfort of your home or workplace. All you have to do is download whatever interests you, and then you can use these resources as long as you want, without having a dread of being charged extra for detaining them, as you would, had you been using the library services. No matter what you are willing to write, a short persuasive essay or a coursework, there are loads of information available to help you. More than that, now you don’t have to spend hours in book shops either: a brief online search, and the necessary book will be delivered to your door within several days, or even hours.
  2. Interactive learning for every level of education. There are numerous applications, from educational games for the youngest children, to complex software, designed for better concentration and developing stronger knowledge and skills for students. These applications use different ways of representing information combined, thus they are more effective than regular methods.                                                                                           Hyperlinked texts are also contributing a lot to educational changes. There is no need to spend hours in search of explanation of an unfamiliar term when you can follow a link, and continue your reading after a short insight.
  1. Online educational help. If you are struggling with some college assignments, there are people who are willing to offer you help for a moderate reward. For example, if you are looking for a persuasive essay help, there is no need to wander through the campus in search of classmates who would share their writing with you. This way, students save their time and effort for more interesting and practical subjects.
  2. Online editing. Sometimes it can be hard to be objective towards your own writing and see flaws and mistakes in it, so you need a fresh glance and mind to edit the text. Some students prefer handing their persuasive papers to independent editors before submitting them to the teacher’s review. Such precaution allows avoiding inconsistencies in logic of the writing, grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
  3. Social networks can be used for finding help. Students, alumni and teachers now keep in touch via social networks, and it is far more effective than ever. It is much easier to find the right person to ask for recommendations, contacts and advice, all you have to do is write a post on your page, and the strength of weak ties will guide the right people to you. Social networks can also be used to find tutors and friends abroad, which is especially handy if you are trying to learn a foreign language.
  4. Online education for those who, for any reasons, can’t afford full-time studying. Many prestigious universities place materials from their courses so that anyone with internet access could learn in a time and pace that fits one’s needs. This is one of the best options for busy people. If you’re working full-time, for example, and wanted to pursue a degree in business, a california online mba suits you best. Moreover, there are various groups, where people gather in order to help each other learn. This way, education can last as long as you are curious and eager to learn, not only until you graduate.
  5. The image of a teacher has changed. Due to social networks, students can build stronger relationships with their teachers, share thoughts and ideas in informal manner. Therefore, a teacher is not seen as a powerful and strict mentor, but rather as a supportive friend, which reduces the stress associated with studying.

Technological changes have brought various novelties to the process of education; some may try to resist them, but it is more rational and sane to use them to the fullest. As the technological progress has not stopped yet, it is reasonable to think that more changes in education are still to come. Consequently, whoever has the ability to learn fast end effective, will be successful in a constantly changing world.

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