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Technology and Social Media Combined: Techniques to Optimize the Power of These Tools for Business

The digital age has made it so that small businesses are no longer limited by their location – they have the entire globe to reach out to!

At the forefront of these dramatic changes is technology such as email, video conferencing, websites, and of course, social media. So how do you optimize these tools to help your business grow?
Read on to find out some ways to take how your business utilizes technology to the next level.


How You’re Currently Using It

Email probably already plays a significant role in your company – for communication internally, with current clients, and for reaching out to potential new customers. In many businesses, it’s taken the place of phone calls, which has meant greater productivity.

How to Optimize It

Automation is the key to making better use of email. It can result in a huge boost to productivity to hire someone to create more formalized systems that utilize web forms and databases to receive and send information on customer orders, rather than manually handling it.

Afraid this will take away from the personal connection between you and your clients? Well, it can actually go a long way towards improving it, since now you can focus more on developing that relationship. You may even find yourself going back to talking to customers on the phone!

Video Conferencing

How You’re Currently Using It

The ability to have face-to-face communication with long-distance customers is priceless. It’s certainly an improvement over traditional phone conversations, and makes it easier to have multiple members of your team involved in a call without things getting too overwhelming or confusing.

How to Optimize It

What if I told you it can help you drastically reduce your overhead while improving worker productivity? Well, it can – if you send your workforce away to work from home. It may not be possible for all positions, but most jobs can be just as easily done out of a home office. As a result, you’ll need less office space and use fewer resources. Also, studies have shown that employees actually increase their productivity when working from the comfort of their home.


How You’re Currently Using It

Your website is your number one sales tool. You can send people there with the confidence that they’ll find the information they need, whether it’s directly purchasing your products or learning about the services you offer.

How to Optimize It

One word: blog. Static websites are a thing of the past, and having one can negatively impact your search rank. Blogs allow you the opportunity to really showcase your expertise while also providing ample opportunity to incorporate more keywords into your website in a seamless way that won’t anger the search engines – or annoy readers.
Another way to improve your site’s performance is to add video. Because of the new way that search is implemented – allowing you to search specifically for images or videos – it can provide you with new opportunities to drive traffic, as well as helping to boost your normal search rank. Also, video is more likely to engage visitors, encouraging them to stay on the site rather than clicking away.

Social Media

How You’re Currently Using It

If you’re like many small businesses, you simply aren’t using social media. Perhaps you’ve even gone as far as creating profiles, but you never update them or do so infrequently.

How to Optimize It

Social media is a wonderful way to keep in regular contact with customers, staying top of mind without getting annoying. Include your social media links on your website and all your printed business collateral, and give them incentive to sign up like a one-time discount or the opportunity to win free products.
But how do you keep the content flowing? Connect your social networks to that new blog you’re working on. Every time you create a new post, you’ll have an update automatically. When you’re ready to do more, you can start adding more interactive elements like trivia, contests, polls, or simply getting involved in the conversation.

Author Bio:- Patrick Del Rosario is part of the team behind Open Colleges. It is one of Australia’s pioneer and leading providers of Open Colleges Web design courses and Graphic design courses. When not working, Patrick enjoys blogging, travelling, and photography. Patrick together with his father runs a Photo Studio in the philippines. If you have a blog and would like free content. You can find him on Google+.

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