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Technology and Hacking- A Innovation and Threat?

Nowadays, we have become so genuinely accustomed to the word hacker or hacking, that we have started to perceive such activities as common. However, there are hundreds, if not millions of people who are trying to discover hacking specialists. Some of these hackers, having proved that they have extensive knowledge of the field of technology, have been hired by the secret services and other government organizations. Their knowledge of breaking into computers and their existent networks is to be appreciated, especially when issues of national security are involved.

Just as the Internet would not have existed without the development of technology, the same thing could be said about hacking and technology. If the network of computers would have not expanded to the level of today, hacking would have remained a restricted activity and one without serious consequences. However, everyone uses a computer nowadays and there are many reasons why someone would be interested in hacking a particular computer or network, whether we are talking about making a profit or just doing it for the fun. For many hackers, regardless of their age, the challenge presented in front of their eyes is what makes them ‘hack’ in the first place.

You might not believe this for a fact but the origins of hacking go way back in the 1960s, when the phone networks were used in an unauthorized manner. This led to the need to address matters of national security; then, as technology evolved and computers (especially since the Internet appeared as an active online environment) became a common thing, hacking also started to take shape. The most interesting thing is that the majority of the hackers are youth, people who have extensive knowledge about the use of technology, computers and Internet networks. For them, it is just as fun as it is profitable to hack into a person’s computers.

Technology has made hacking possible and it should come as no surprise that there are so many ways to break into a network. One can attack the network and obtain all the necessary information on the target, he can explore different ways of attack and last, but not least, perform the actual hacking by taking into consideration the vulnerabilities of the system. Passwords can be stolen, valuable content can be downloaded into another computer and data can be falsified with ease, these being just few examples of the different hacking activities.

Author Bio:- Ram is a creative blogger in Indian blogosphere. He love to play around Tech and Design niches. He is a good developer, one of his recent project is pnr status check which provide fast and accurate pnr status for train and air travelers.

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