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How Technology is Affecting Delivery for Online and International Companies

Technology Is Changing The Ways We Employ Staff

Technology has significantly changed the way companies deliver to their customers and clients. Courier services have been vastly improved as a direct result of technological growth, both in terms of speed, reliability and efficiency. These changes have especially benefitted international and online e commerce companies in particular

Here we’ll look at how technology has affected delivery services for online and international companies.

Better tracking and automated services

Technological advancements have led to the development and integration of a wide range of automated services in the delivery sector. These automated services speed up everything from the initial processing and packing to the actual shipping and tracking.

Customers and clients are now able to track their parcels automatically from anywhere in the world and know the exact location of where their parcel is currently. This is great for international companies as it eliminates much of the worry that comes with having goods shipped from another country if you know your item has left the shores of which it originated. In the past, it was impossible to tell where the parcel was, whether it was going to turn up and if it went missing, there was no way to see where it ended up or method of retrieving it. With tracking, the parcels are scanned and can be tracked no matter where they are, providing customers and clients great peace of mind.

Cheaper, faster deliveries

There’s no question courier services have become much faster these days. Consumers now have a wide range of delivery options, including next day, click and collect and now even same day deliveries. However, you currently will have to pay extra for this type of delivery service and order within a set time period. Of course, these delivery services don’t apply to international deliveries, but even global shipments are getting faster thanks to technology and a growth in the industry worldwide. International shipping and exporting has become big business due to the growth of online shopping, social media and having access and insight globally from other cultures of their products and wanting to own and try these yourself. Technology developments will only help continue to grow this.

The biggest benefit international companies are seeing as a result of technological advancements in deliveries, is the cost savings it delivers. As most of the process is now automated, it allows courier companies to charge much less, even for faster delivery options. Companies such as Parcel2Go.com Limited, offer incredibly cheap shipping deals, even to countries such as Australia, china and India.

So, it’s become much more affordable for companies to deliver their products globally and this has led to an increase in customer satisfaction and customer retention

Future technologies set to further improve deliveries

Of course, technology is constantly advancing and with it comes new, exciting developments. In the delivery sector, there are a number of interesting developments occurring such as drone deliveries and peer-to-peer delivery networks.

Air Drone deliveries are set to revolutionise the industry, providing super-fast deliveries in less than an hour from retailers such as Amazon. This technology will help eliminate both the wait times and the cost of human labour. Currently this service is still being trialled to ensure safety, testing areas and locations and what currently can be delivered safely by air drone technology.

Overall, technology has certainly improved delivery services for international companies. It has helped make the shipping process faster, easier and cheaper. As new technologies are continually introduced and tested it’s going to further benefit international deliveries in terms of speed, reliability and efficiency.

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