Tech Features in the Furniture

Updated October 6, 2023

Furniture. We use this concept in our vocabulary almost every day, but it starts to change due to technological advancement and scientific research about comfort and functionality. Today’s furniture can be multi functional and can perform different tasks required for a comfortable stay at home. For us, humans, not only aesthetics are important in the interior, but also everyday household comfort and functionality of the living space. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in multi functional and “smart” household appliances – this makes life and home care as easy as possible. Designers are sure that tech design, new tech features in the furniture, minimalism, functionality and the principle of reasonable sufficiency will prevail in the coming years.

Let’s talk about one of such examples – transforming furniture. This type of furniture is designed to simplify our life as much as possible and save space in the house. A transforming bed or transforming sofa is in no way inferior to first-rate furniture, such as provided by NY Furniture Outlets, but on the contrary surpasses standard furniture in many ways, giving the latter a big head start in terms of practicality, compactness, and versatility.

But despite this, the evolution of furniture is not over, and with out-of-the-box thinking and design ideas, new, improved furniture models are constantly being created. At the same time, the efficient mechanism of such accessories significantly increases practicality in everyday life and popularity among buyers.

What is a transforming bed?

When the question concerns transforming beds, one of many examples of space saving furniture, then we can talk about it for a long time, since today there are many models and modifications, each with its own characteristics. But it always remains a priority – so that a person is as comfortable as possible to sleep, so that it does not take up much space, is of high quality and reliably made and the material of manufacture meets the sanitary standards.

Tech features in Furniture

Types of transforming bed

Folding bed.

This type of bed is the best if there is no room for a large item. The transforming bed will take up little space, but it can be folded into a double bed. As a rule, such a bed unfolds upwards, and not broadwise.

Dresser bed.

The dresser bed is distinguished by its peculiarity – it is already built into some kind of furniture. Ideally, the design is complemented by various accessories necessary for the bedroom:

  • drawers;
  • desk;
  • ottomans;

This option is especially important for a nursery, where there should be a minimum of things and furniture so that children can freely move and play.


Sometimes it may be a necessity to put such furniture in the room, although it may not always look quite presentable. And if you have a limitation in free space, then this is the best option. The table-bed has a simple mechanism, and thanks to this, such beds are popular among teenagers. The table-bed turns any sleeping area into a very well-organized one.

Why would you need space saving furniture?

Since not everyone can afford to buy expensive items in a small apartment, space saving furniture can be just the right answer, as there are also inexpensive models. Engineers develop multi functional furniture, using only high-quality and reliable materials and innovative 3D modeling technologies. It is worth noting that engineers approach the creation of reliable furniture with maximum efficiency and carefully analyze each stage.

If suddenly there is a need to increase the free space in the room, then such furniture can be easily folded, it will become compact and will not take up much space. In addition, many new transforming and built-in products are tailored to different interior styles, so it won’t be difficult to find the right one for you.

Perfect for teens

It is important for teenagers and students to have their own private corner in the house. If you buy a transforming bed that will ideally combine a sleeping place and a place to work, it will be great. Beautiful and extraordinary design, a wide range of colors are the distinctive features of this type of furniture. In addition, the combination of different types of furniture has a positive effect on the organization of teenagers’ lives and their productivity.

Pros and cons of space saving furniture

Like any model of furniture and accessories, transforming furniture has its pros and cons.


  • an innovative approach to manufacturing;
  • a lot of free space in the room;
  • ease of use;
  • reliability and quality of the material of manufacture.

Benefits can change depending on the brand you choose. As for the cons, they are as follows:

  • the unpredictability of product dimensions;
  • a fairly high average price.

There will always be advantages and disadvantages because it is difficult to create the ideal furniture option, but you can always find the right one.

Furniture care tips

The operation of transforming furniture is no different from the use of ordinary furniture, but since only high-quality and reliable materials are used for the manufacture of such accessories, they must be treated with a certain care. As for cleaning and maintenance, usually, such furniture has a standard wooden base, so just follow the normal cleaning instructions.

Technology in Furniture

“Smart” furniture from a Tesla engineer

What is even cooler than a common transforming bed? The next step was taken by Bumblebee Spaces, an American startup led by former Tesla and Apple engineer Sankarshan Murthy, that revolutionized built-in furniture. The company’s engineers have developed a series of robotic wardrobes, beds and pedestals that “hide” in the ceiling. They can be controlled using a remote control or a smartphone, while the furniture is designed in such a way that it can calculate everyday situations and, for example, gives you an umbrella if it is raining outside. Installation of the entire kit costs 6.5 thousand dollars, but, according to Murti, it is still cheaper than renting a multi-room apartment with the same functionality.

Being smart about your home

However, while a transforming bed is purely a mechanical wonder, some engineers take it even further with the “smart home.” The smart home is a high-tech solution that provides its owner with simplicity and convenience in managing the space via a mobile phone or any tablet device. It works as a communicator between the user and the life support systems in the house.

Forget about the clutter of switches on the walls and checking before leaving or sleeping to see if the lights are off everywhere. One laconic switch of the smart home controls a complex of lamps in the room, creating accents, emphasizing the design. The smart home will provide you with autonomous climate control in which everything works smoothly. It has a special concept of a home audio-video complex – multiroom, in which the equipment is hidden and concentrated in a remote place without attracting attention, and high-quality sound and high-definition picture are transmitted to the room in which you are.

Alarm, video surveillance systems, even locks and lights in the smart home acquire additional capabilities while working with them becomes convenient for the user. Video control from anywhere in the world (of course, with the presence of the Internet) and the dispatching of the alarm system are all combined for your convenience. This is a brilliant example of how technology advancement changes our everyday perception and a few more you can find here.

As you see the concept of furniture in the home design evolved significantly and will keep doing so over the next decades. We are no longer limited by traditional beds, chairs and tables, and they exist to make our life nicer and easier. So it is up to you to choose the type of smart features that you want to see in your personal space.

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