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Taking a Bite out of Spam!

Phone verifications are required to sign up for accounts with YouTube, Facebook and Craigslist.  For some people who do not have phones, or people like me who are just lazy, this can seem like an unnecessary step.  While it may be annoying, these sites are trying to help us out by cutting down on spam. Spam, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is, “unsolicited usually commercial e-mail sent to a large number of addresses”.  Spam can be dangerous, and all of these popular websites are great interfaces to try to deliver spam.  It can lead to identity theft, malware, computer viruses, spyware and other atrocities.  Besides being harmful it is just simply aggravating!  Ever clicked a link that led you to somewhere unexpected?  It’s a waste of time. We should be thankful for these sites trying to conquer to undefeatable; the capacity of humans to be pests (and spammers).

When some people think of Craigslist, they think of the Craigslist killer, hookers, rapist, etc and various other rare atrocities that they probably shouldn’t worry about.  What a great way to help prevent these crimes with phone number verifications, right?  Maybe to help investigate the crimes- if/when they happen, but the number one reason craigsist started phone number verifications is to block spammers.  People who create different accounts to promote the same thing over and over again, and other things that take away from the useful attributes of the site.   While I do encourage precaution when using Craigslist, it is a pretty awesome free tool that has sprung from the internet.  It is annoying that people try to abuse Craigslist, and I’m glad they’re trying to prevent that.

People can pretend to be different people using Facebook.  While this could have some deviant results that would include lots of drama, let’s focus in on the most common use of fake facebook users.  People make up fake people on Facebook so that they can friend people in a targeted demographic who will be attracted to certain links.  They can then use their page to have embedded links to promote products or lead to pornographic sites.  It is annoying, but with phone number verifications Facebook can try to slow down these people.  One phone number can only have one account, so to make different account spammers have to go around this obstacle.

Video sharing is awesome, and of course spammer try to ruin it for the millions of viewers.  Ever tried to watch that free season of whatever, and you got a computer virus instead?  You can thank spammer for that (or at least I can), and a need to have everything for free since the internet can do that, right (wrong)?  One frequently used technique is for people to leave comments of an enticing nature to get people to be linked to whatever website the spammer wants you to go to.  Another common technique, as mentioned above, is to have a misleading description of a video usually relating to something popular.  For example, first episode of whatever season of this or that show, and instead you end up somewhere completely different.

Author Bio:- Mateusz M. is the founder of LookupExpert, a website offering reverse phone lookups as well as people searches.

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