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How Tablets And Smart Phones Deal With Online Gaming


Online Gaming

Mobile phones and gaming have gone together since the first phone had a graphical display complex enough for simple games.  People like to have something to do on the go, and games fill that need.  As phones have become more complex, online gaming has become an important feature.  With the addition of tablets, the complexity of these games has gone through the roof and the expectations of consumers has begun to rise.  If you want to understand the future of online gaming, it’s a good idea to see how online games are treated by the current day’s mobile phones and tablets.  You might be surprised by what you find.

Gambling and Chance

Tablets and smart phones haven’t been the best when it comes to games of chance, especially when those games can lead to real-world winnings.  A great deal of this has to do with the reluctance of smartphone manufacturers to have Flash support – many gambling sites use Flash for their games, so they don’t work on mobile.  With that said, sites like WinTingo do work quite well on tablets.  WinTingo not only offers online gambling, but even has WinTingo real scratch off tickets for purchase.  If you’re looking to gamble on your smart phone, WinTingo is the place ot start.

Keeping it Simple:  Apps

Most games on smartphones and tablets are played through native applications.  These are games specially formatted to run on tablets, and generally have little in common with most standard online games.  The games work very well on the phones for which they are designed, and may be proprietary to one app store or the other.  Most of the games are relatively simple, supporting asynchronous multiplayer.  This allows players to compete without requiring the game companies to invest in the technological support that would be required for simultaneous gaming – rendering most online games relatively simple.

Supporting New Formats

There are, however, some online games that can be played on mobile platforms.  Though few and far between, these games are very similar to those found on consoles or PCs.  These games tend to be the products of major developers and receive a great deal of support.  As one might imagine, these games do tend to be a bit simpler than some of the AAA games that dominate the markets, but they also tend to have high population player bases.  As more consumers make the move to mobile-based gaming, it seems like that more of these games will hit the market.

Mobile phones and tablets are gaining market share every year when it comes to gaming.  While the games available tend to be simpler than those found elsewhere, it doesn’t meant that they aren’t just as popular.  As mobile gaming evolves, the games become more complex and more multiplayer games become available.  Though many of today’s games focus more on repetitive tasks and simple amusement, they’ve set a firm foundation for what is to come.  If you care about online gaming, you should definitely be paying attention to the mobile space.

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