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Tablets In The UK – Why You Should Wait For The Kindle Fire

With the Christmas rush for presents well and truly over, many people are looking forward to spending the money that they have accumulated from friends and family in the form of gifts over the holiday season, or even just their hard earned cash and are wanting to reward themselves for another year of hard work. For those that have their sights set on a shiny new tablet, here is why we think you should wait for the hottest tablet currently only available in the US – the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Now, there are some clever folk that have already imported the Kindle Fire to the UK, however this comes at a cost. Virtually all of the services available on the Kindle Fire are currently unavailable in the UK, so those that have bought it early will still have to wait for the official release before they can unleash the true heat inside it.

For those wanting to rush in and get a tablet, and simply must have one now, then go and spend your money on an Archos 80 G9 or if you have the funds, get a Galaxy Tab 10.1 or an iPad 2. But, for those willing to remain patient, your efforts will pay off massively when the Kindle Fire does hit the UK later this year. When will it be released? Who knows. It’s almost certain that it will be in the first half of 2012.

So, why should you wait? Here are just a few reasons why

Price: Currently retailing at around the $200 in the US, the Kindle Fire is expected to cost around the £150 mark in the UK. That’s a huge saving when you compare it to most other successful 7″ tablets, especially when you consider that this is the price it is entering the market at (i.e. not being forced down to this price and making a huge loss such as the BlackBerry PlayBook).

Marketplace: Amazon’s store front for getting Kindle books, Android apps, movies and TV shows is second-to-none. Acquiring content is seamless, utilising cloud technology to the full. This really makes it stand out against a sea of similar Android tablets.

Portability: Yes, there are other 7″ tablets available. However, this 7″ tablet is better, and that’s a fact. Carrying round a good tablet with ease is much feels much nicer than carrying an average tablet around with ease, right?
What’s great about the fact that it was released first in the US is perhaps the fact that a lot of bugs that were reported with it can be jumped on by the guys at Amazon, allowing them to release a potentially error-free Kindle Fire tablet in the UK sooner rather than later. Amazon are being rewarded for being the first ‘non-iPad’ tablet, and soon, prospective tablet owners in the UK will be rewarded too.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post written by Luke Jordan of GearZap.com. GearZap sell a wide range of Kindle Fire accessories, including a great range if you are looking for a Kindle Fire case.

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