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T-Mobile’s Internet and Broadband Travel Boosters: End of an Era

News that T-Mobile has announced its new mobile roaming service will come as no surprise. This market has been heating up for quite a while and the company’s Internet and Broadband Travel Boosters fits in line with the current strategic trend amongst businesses. The big push behind it all however, setting it all into motion is the implementation of rules to prevent UK mobile networks setting excessive charges.

It all encourages a question to be asked: what exactly are we paying for when we are excessively charged for mobile internet abroad?

Customers experiencing “bill shock” upon returning back from travelling, is a commonality. Being able to surf the internet at any given time and at a cheap price is more a human right than privilege. It is also clear that we need not pay such huge prices when on the web through mobile devices abroad. We are simply being overcharged.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Thankfully we now have T-Mobile’s Internet and Broadband Travel Boosters. Furthermore, most other major internet providers are already on the bandwagon and so the days of racking up huge bills for checking the footy transfer news in Magaluf may be long gone.

Of course there will still be plenty of holiday destinations where you won’t be able to roam the internet at all, let alone at suitable rates. Furthermore, the efficiency of any internet connection you happen to ever use will always be subject to the telecommunication capabilities of the area.

Is the Light Darkness?

The whole purpose of a holiday is to provide us with an escape from day-to-day life. As much as we may fail to see it, it is very much possible for a human being to survive – and possibly happier – without broadband and the internet. We don’t need to be on Facebook while abroad; heck we don’t even need to be on it while we’re at home! The idea that being able to browse the internet will enhance our holidays is preposterous and perhaps what we need IS the inaccessibility to the internet in order for us to truly appreciate our holidays.

Yes the days of racking up a huge bill while you are on the internet and abroad may have long gone. But if you ever did rack up massive costs due to being on the web while on holiday, the problem isn’t the tariffs; it’s your inability to function offline.

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