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System Mechanic Review- The PC Tune-Up Expert Software

It is just a fact of life that PCs will slow down and loss their efficiency over time. There are a lot of options out there for speeding up and rejuvenating a computer – calling a friend who is a computer expert, taking it into a repair shop, trying to fix it yourself or simply replacing it with a new one. However, there are a number of PC tune-up software programs out there that offer to do this while limiting the amount of time and effort you have to put into it and we recently got the chance to test out one of these products, System Mechanic 11 from iolo technologies.

system mechanic

There are two different ways to approach how you can utilize System Mechanic to optimize your system, so we will give an overview of how the program can be used by two different kinds of users.

First, there are the novice and average users who might not know how to do much more with a computer than turn it on, surf the web and work with their favorite applications. For these users, the ease of using System Mechanic and the clean, simple interface and one-click solutions make the program extremely valuable for the average computer user to keep their PC running smoothly.

Some features from System Mechanic that specifically benefit these users include:

All-in-one Tools: System Mechanic has more than 50 tools that can be activated with just one-click of the mouse. This leaves the technical stuff to the software and optimizes your system without you having to learn a number of new programs, saving the user time and stress.

Dashboard: System Mechanic has an easy-to-understand dashboard that always shows the state of the system whether so you know whether it needs a tune-up or is running raggedly without having to self-diagnose.

ActiveCare: This clever tool is a casual users best friend, as it goes to work tuning up their system when the user is idle and immediately goes away as soon as they are active again. It’s like the world’s best maid for your computer.

For those that are more tech savvy and like to control every little thing that happens on their machine, System Mechanic also has a number of more in-depth and customizable features to help you optimize your PC.

Some include:

A wealth of tests and tools: System Mechanic runs an impressive 220 different tests that examine even the smallest of factors that determine how a system operates and has more than 50 tools that can be customized just to your liking with how and when they are used.

IntelliStatus: Gives detailed statistics about a system’s performance that the techie’s need to know exactly how their system is running.

New features introduced with System Mechanic 11: System Mechanic was release just a couple of months ago and it includes some new features built specifically to address the current world of PC computing that is changing every day.

New programs in System Mechanic 11.0 include:

AcceleWrite: An always-on feature that lets Windows write files in one-piece as opposed to pieces which stops fragmentation issues before they even happen.

Startup Optimizer: System Mechanic has bulked up its Startup Optimizer to not only improve startup times, but to show you exactly how it is doing it for those that are extra curious.

Full Windows 8 integration: Just in time for the launch of the new operating system later this month!

System Mechanic 11 is highly recommended for those that are looking to spruce up an older machine and those that want to make sure that their new machine stays up to snuff.

You can purchase System Mechanic at a reduced rate at iolo’s website http://iolo.com/ and you can also check out System Mechanic FREE if you would like to test out some of tools of the program http://www.iolo.com/promo/cmount/index.htm.

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