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Surface Vs iPad- Microsoft Equips the Surface with Some Advantages

Technology fans have been waiting for a battle for a while now and with the upcoming release of the Microsoft Surface
they will definitely have something to be focussed on, as the popular iPad has been promised to be dethroned by the powerful Tablet soon to be released by Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface

Over the past five years iPad has faced a series of tablets (mostly android based) but has never been under a threat as in this year’s synopsis once again it was crowned King as the most selling tablet on the market. But what makes the iPad so Successful? An answer to this is the friendly interface, the easy to use apps, the design and many more. A large group of people though are a little more demanding; they want a tablet to include features that cannot be found in the iPad. They have been patient and eventually left the apple device to search these features on other tablet devices.

Microsoft has kept note of all this and decided to challenge the iPad creating a tablet based on the features a demanding user would like to see in a tablet. For that reason Microsoft are releasing their first tablet including some specifications revealed below.

Surface will include a transformable cover/keyboard

Typing on a touch screen can be frustrating, especially if you type fast, or even if you are a first time users, as the touch feeling is nothing compared to a real keyboard. In Surface there will be two options. You can either type on screen or once the protection cover that will be connected on the table opens it will be transformable into a keyboard for easier and traditional typing.

Two different versions announced

The Surface will be released in two versions. Basic and more advanced version, the basic version will be cheaper, suitable for home users, kids and fresh starters. It will have an integrated version of windows RT and a basic version of Office.

The advance version is suitable for more demanding users. Will include Windows 8! It will have the full Office pack installed, a faster CPU and probably an individual VGA by NVidia.

Built in Stand

Surface will include a built in stand. Once the designed stand is opened it will reach an angle of 60 degrees.
This will be helpful for camera focusing, reading or viewing videos.

Digital realistic Pen included

Some features like reading and highlighting, drawing and designing and many more need a pen. The innovating digital pen from Microsoft has been designed to be the best possible stylus on the market. It even completes with professional digital pens worth over $250. It will give the user the realistic feel of holding and using a real pen.

The USB ports return

Many people have been expecting the iPad to include at least one USB over the last years. This hasn’t become reality. The Surface will include 2 USB ports, for direct connectivity with external devices. Imagine connecting easily external hard drives having as much disc space as you want or connecting a wired USB printer!

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