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Superfast 4G Mobile Phone Contracts – Don’t bank on it!

As the long-awaited 4G mobile service has just arrived in the UK, you may be looking forward to racing around on your mobile and enjoying features such as  multi-player 3D gaming, VOIP, FaceTime, mobile TV, live events and video streaming, all at super-quick speeds. However, if you were just expecting the superfast 4G service to automatically appear one day on your Smartphone as if by magic, you may be sadly disappointed. Due to the mighty power of marketing, you could be forgiven for assuming that your shiny new iPhone 5 would allow you to hop onto any networks’ 4G service, as and when they become available. The harsh reality is that if you took out an iPhone 5 mobile phone contract with anyone other than Everything Everywhere (EE) or Three, then the possibility of this happening is precisely zero.

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So how has this come about? This anomaly has arisen because EE has been allowed to rollout 4G on their network before anyone else. The current iPhone 5 only supports the 1800MHz spectrum frequency, and EE are the only network to use it. Three is the only exception here as EE had already sold off a small chunk of this spectrum to them, although they have yet to launch 4G in the UK. Vodafone and O2 are bidding for the 800MHz and 2.6GHz 4G spectrums in the imminent Ofcom auction, but the current iPhone 5 specifications do not support them and unfortunately it never will.  This isn’t one of those situations either where you can wait for a software upgrade to miraculously fix it for you to get the new service. So if you decided to take out your iPhone 5 mobile phone contract with O2 or Vodafone there’s only one option open to you.  Upgrade to a new 4G contract when the network is ready, and get the next generation iPhone 5. Hopefully both events will co-incide, otherwise some customers could be waiting for months or even a year, plodding along on an old 3G service, whilst other iPhone 5 owners are roaring away on their 4G superhighway.

4G Promise

Obviously being very wary of customer backlash, both O2 and Vodafone have developed their own 4G promise campaigns. This enables customers to upgrade to a new 4G mobile phone contract early, at a discounted rate. Of course there are a few caveats here. The phone you hand back must be in good working order, or you will either have to pay more to cover the damage, or get less for it when you recycle. You will also need to switch to a tariff of the same or higher value. Of course, there’s no guarantee of how much that will cost, since the bidding hasn’t even begun, and no contracts have been signed. So unless you took out a contract with EE, you may find getting a 4G mobile phone contract, more complicated and costly than you had imagined.

Author Bio:- Sheridan has worked in both IT and mobile phone marketing for many years, and has a keen interest in all technological developments. She currently writes insightful articles and expert review content for GizmoBird and other blog sites about interesting events and developments in the mobile world.

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