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Stuck For Present The Christmas, Choose a Smart Phone

A mobile phone is a necessity but a smart phone is even better since it makes everything so easily accessible and convenient. Having a smart phone or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) will enhance efficiency and save time, while helping you stay connected to everyone at the work place.

christmas present smart phone

With Christmas round the corner and gifts to be bought for loved ones, one of the latest smart phones may be the best gift to give to someone special, a close friend, a spouse or a sibling. The market is full and you are not just spoil for choice but also confused about which ones to buy. The following is the list of the best smart phones currently available and selecting one out of these will ensure that you have not made a wrong choice.

  • Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most stylish phones to buy. The chic smart phone is feature rich and efficient, meeting all personal and work requirements of users, saving time, energy and making every activity smooth sailing and hassle free. Equipped with the path breaking Google Android operating system, it has a Hyper Definition Super AMOLED screen with a   HD video record and playback facility. Android gives the phone a chance to download over 50,000 apps from the Android Market Place. The Galaxy S carries the exclusive Samsung feature of Swype, a new technology that enables fast typing. The reasonable price and superior connectivity, makes it one of the best options to buy.
  • iPhone 4- The iPhone 4 is being rated as an excellent smart phone that comes  with a sleek design, loaded with features, can be used with hundreds of apps that make the laptop redundant, and offers exceptional call and picture quality. The touch screen facilitates single handed use and a speedy processor makes it quick for all functions. It is all glass with a steel border and sports a very “Apple” look, that makes it stand out among all its competing smart phones.
  • HTC Droid- As the name suggests, the HTC Droid comes with the Google Android operating system with HTC sense. This top of the line smart phone is the ultimate device for the digital world with an 8 mega pixel camera, detailed features for precision and accuracy with a super fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Instant connectivity, and access to thousands of apps from the Android marketplace make the HTC an enviable smart phone to carry.
  • Nokia N8- The N8 is rated as the best Nokia smart phone with a fantastic camera and improvements of the Symbian 3 operating system make it highly competitive. It has a long list of tempting features like Dolby Surround sound, special film editing software, Xenon flash, compatibility with TV, allows multitasking with a visual task manger, can be personalized with three screens-one for work, one for fun activities and one with favorite pictures as wall paper. Other features like longer battery life, easy navigation, single tap switch between apps, and live updates, make it an extraordinary smart phone, though a bit expensive.
  • Motorola Flipout-the newest offering from Motorola to be released in the smart phone hungry market, is one which does not cost too much as the other high end smart phones, but brings all the possible features anyone may want. Thus it is one of the latest good value for money devices with a touch screen, stylish pivot design, equipped with MOTOBLUR, the service that will sync all social networks to stay connected to friends, excellent connectivity, 3 Mega-pixel camera and the latest Android operating system. It’s a compact lightweight phone that weighs a mere 120 grams.

Any of the above mentioned phone would delight the person who receives them as a gift during the festive season.

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