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Stop Spam on Your Blog with Mollom

One of the problems that the site owners suffer from during the management of their websites is the ridiculous amount of spam that they need to get rid off.  Many people visit your site with the only purpose of marketing their spammy sites. Comments with links to “Make money fast”, “cheap Viagra tablets” and “discount rx” kind of websites are not uncommon.  We spend a decent amount of time filtering out the spam comments. A recent statistics has proved that 80% of all messages are spam.

CAPTCHA scame to our rescue but have annoyed the legitimate commentators. Some CAPTCHAs are eyes tearing and are constantly getting on the nerves with their gibberish texts. Those CAPTCHAs are supposed to annoy the spam bots, but in fact they are annoying us.

Mollom is a service that helps evaluating the content being posted into your site. This includes comments, contact us form messages or any other type of content. Mollom tries to determine whether the content is desirable or unwanted. If Mollom decides that the content being is legitimate it would be saved into your database. Otherwise, if Mollom is in doubt it will represent the user with a CAPTCHA challenge to determine whether the commentator is a human being or an evil spam bot.

Mollom has proved to be very effective with a success rate that exceeds 99.8%. This means that only 12 in 10,000 spam messages are undetected. The good news, Mollom learns from its mistakes. If the user flags an illegitimate content as spam, it will help adjusting Mollom spam-detection algorithm in the future. Mollom supports clients for Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Radiant, and SilverStripe and even tracks the user reputation on them to determine the user likeness of posting spam.  Developer libraries for Java, Ruby, Python, .NET and PHP5 are available. Mollom has plugins, extensions and modules for the popular content management systems including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Mollom is free for unlimited posts, 100 legitimate posts/day and 100 correct CAPTCHAs/day. Monthly subscription plans are available for higher post volumes and unbranded CAPTCHAs with SSL communication and priority customer support.

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