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Steve Jobs Claimed anything under 10” was Too Small

It was not until just a short while ago that the only tablet under the Apple name had a screen size of a little over 10”. The fact that the iPad was the first major launch of a serious computer style tablet that did not have a main purpose of a reader was enough to draw people into purchasing it. Add to the fact that the Apple name was on it, and that led people to flock to the Apple store to purchase the original iPad. There have been many releases of competitor tablets since then, but none of them have quite reached the prowess that Steve Jobs was able to create with the original iPad.

Steve Jobs

Even if you are not a die-hard Apple fan you still most likely know who Steve Jobs was. He was the mastermind behind Apple, and is one of the reasons that Apple is the amazing company that it is today. He helped to launch the iPod, iTouch, iPhone, and the iPad among many other Apple products through the years. These items have become a staple in our society, and many felt that Steve Jobs could do no wrong when it came to technology and the development of Apple products.

Steve Jobs was crucial to the development process at Apple until recently when his retirement and then ultimately his death saw the end of his creations. One thing about Steve Jobs was that he would give his opinion on technical products and their development, and he was pretty much right all of the time, until now.

Steve Jobs launched the iPad and went on record stating that no tablet under 10” would ever succeed on a large margin for under a 10” screen was just way to small in order to get a true tablet experience. Steve felt that the iPad was the perfect size for being able to conduct all of the things that you would like to do docilely without having to sacrifice quality. He also felt that Apple would never build a smaller tablet for it would be a waste of time and money because no one would ever choose the smaller tablet over the current size iPad.

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini was just recently released and sold out in record timing. Many people have stated that they will now make the iPad Mini the tablet of their choice for they feel that the original iPad is way too bulky and heavy. Gamers love the iPad Mini for it allows you to carry it in one hand which makes gaming much easier than the larger iPad.

There are some drawbacks to the iPad Mini. You do lose some screen space due to the fact that the iPad screen is around 10” and the Mini is just under 8”. The quality of the screen is not as high a quality as the most recent iPad for it used the technology of an older generation iPad and reduced it for the Mini size. The truth is that the people do not care. They love the size. Many people never purchased the larger iPad for it was too bulky and way too expensive, and therefore if they have not upgraded to the iPhone 5 then they will not notice a difference in the screen technology.

Steve Jobs was great at a lot of things, but it seems like the one thing that he did not quite understand was what people wanted in a tablet. The technology has always been great, but the size was what needed to change. The fact that the Mini is more affordable will also increase Apple’s sales of the product for a household will be able to afford more than just one.

Author Bio:- Karine Heyden is a professional tech writer with many happy clients. Fluent in both English and French, speak some Serbian, she like books about Vampires and she is a mother of a cute baby. Be sure to view details of her other passion, iPhone 4s.

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