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Steve Job’s 10 Toys That Have Changed The World

After passing away, Steve Jobs has left us a great heritage. His every step in Apple will be always remembered by us, because he was not just a simple man, but a real revolutionist who will stay the impersonation of all Apple’s extremely beautiful and useful gadgets.

Let’s take a look at 10 most meaningful inventions of this wonderful and clever person. All of them have deserved the right to take a worthy place in the history of world’s technologies. Moreover, they have changed our world forever.

1976: The first Apple Computer

Apple Computer

The first computer named Apple I had been made by Job’s friend, Steve Wozniak, and sold in July 1976 for $ 666.66 (it’s about $ 2,500 today). In order to work at this computer which had a memory of  4 KB, it was necessary to buy a display and electrical wires. A little bit later there was an opportunity to expand a computer’s memory with the help of special tapes – up to 8 or 48 KB.  Today we can find in about 50 Apple I that still work.

1977: The first Apple computer, which became wholesale

Apple Wholesale Computer

Apple II was the first  Apple computer, which had been accepted by all people: its production had finished in 1995, and millions of machines had been sold by that time. This model allowed the  Apple company, founded in 1977, to prosper during the first ten years of its existence. Apple II favorably differed from its competitors thanks to its color graphics support. To store the information,  magnetic tapes were used, which were soon replaced by a 5-inch floppy disks.

1984: The first “cube” Maсintosh

First Maсintosh

Macintosh 128K had a really loud premiere. Its promotional video of $ 1.5 million cost was shot by Ridley Scott, and it was shown during the Super Bowl broadcast. 70 000 machines ($ 2,495 each) had been sold during the first 4 months. And though the sales decreased much afterwords, Macintosh 128K was able to deserve a worthy place in history as the first “normal” computer, that had a mouse, a keyboard, and a graphical interface.

1989: The first portable computer

first portable computer

Apple’s first attempt to make a laptop was positively accepted by critics, but nevertheless, the sales of Macintosh portable failed. The computer weighed over 7 kilos and cost $ 6,500  (it is more than $ 11,000 today). This machine was battery operated, and it had been equipped with a LCD-screen.  This screen was the most expensive detail of  Macintosh portable.

1993: The first PDA, “a personal digital assistant”

first PDA

Newton messagepad was the first PDA created by Apple. The PDA abbreviation (Personal Digital Assistant) came up with Apple’s CEO – John Sculley. Newton worked on its own operating system named Newton OS, and he was able to recognize a handwriting among all other things, however, it turned out to be not well enough for getting a success.

1998: The first mono block with a USB-port

Mono Block with USB Port

iMac G3 was the first computer of iMac series, which combined a monitor and a system unit. Moreover, it was the first computer that had no 3-inch disk drive, and the first one that had a built-in USB-port. The first Apple keyboard and mouse had been developed for this computer, and this mouse looked like a hockey puck. iMac G3 was sold with the following slogan: “Our computer’s back looks better than yours’ front”. Well, it reminds us Steve Job’s spirit, doesn’t it?

2001: The first Ipod

First iPod

According to Apple, all existed mp-3 players looked awful, so they decided to release their own one. The first iPod had a mechanical scroll wheel and 5 GB of memory, that was called “1,000 songs in your pocket”. This scroll wheel had become a touch later, and new models (Shuffle, Nano, and, finally, Touch) appeared. Steve Jobs had made a deal with recording studios, and begun to sell music through the iTunes Store, which became the US largest music retailer in 2009.

2006: MacBook, the best-selling computer in Apple’s history

First MacBook

MacBook, which replaced PowerBook laptops, had became the best-selling computer in the history of Apple, and the best-selling computer in the United States. MacBook Pro in an aluminum case and MacBook Air had eventually branched off from the original line, and Apple had become one of the largest personal computers manufacturers once again after a long break.

2007: iPhone

First iPhone

iPhone sales had been accompanied by no less excitement than the appearance of the “Star Wars”new series of : Steve Job’s fans spent nights in queues. The development took $ 150 million, but they have repeatedly returned to the investors already. Only the net profit from 30 million units sales amounts to billions of dollars. As a result, Apple is the smartphones’ third developer in the world now, and the AppStore distributes more than 100,000 applications for iPhone, which had been downloaded more than 1 billion times already.

2010: The birth of iPad

First iPad

This is the last, and perhaps one of the most high-profile new products from Apple. The device of a new generation has became popularinstantly: just a few months the company introduced an updated version of the gadget with advanced features – iPad 2. Today, tablets are rapidly gaining popularity in the world, and many experts are sure that they will displace laptops and computers soon.

Author Bio:- This guest post is provided by Alex Strike. Alex is a professional blogger who works on writing-help.com. He is interested in technologies and unusual gadgets, writes on different topics to help you find out many interesting facts about our wonderful world.

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  • Pavan Somu

    May 2, 2013, 11:27 pm

    If Steve is live, then we would have more ‘i’ gadgets.

    • Alex Strike

      May 7, 2013, 11:11 am

      Well, I am sure we’ll have more gadgets even without Steve, but all of them will not have that uniqueness and style anymore. We all saw what happened to iPhone: its 4th model was the last really cool one, what we can’t say about iPhone 5… All critics make bad predictions as for iPhone 6… So, Steve really was that guy who made all that stuff work!

  • Talha Tayyub

    May 2, 2013, 9:59 am

    i Still miss Steve Jobs what a legend if till now he is alive and leading apple so apple will get more success than it have today.

    • Alex Strike

      May 7, 2013, 11:07 am

      Well, I can’t disagree with you here, because we all (I mean users) can easily see that Apple works worse without Steve… He gave them inspiration, and his ideas were really cool. Apple isn’t as successful now as it was before… This is a great example of how one person can influence the epoch.

  • raman bathina

    May 2, 2013, 8:18 am

    Cool stuff and i know only last 4 of them,those 4 products shows high impact on youth.

    • Alex Strike

      May 7, 2013, 11:04 am

      Agree with you, Raman. Steve Jobs had a great impact on the whole technology world no matter what others think.


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