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Steve Ballmer: Releasing the Apple world

Never before in the history of Apple and Microsoft, one of these two companies not made such a verbal assault, as Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

steve ballmer

Microsoft chief said he wants to free all the space taken by the company from Cupertino.

He recently said in an interview that his company was attacking every area that is occupied by Cupertino. His battle cry is a good indicator that Microsoft has plans for the near future and his statement is more of a politician during an election campaign, than of the head of a prominent ICT companie.

I want to be perfectly clear that we do not want to leave any space that is covered or uncovered Apple, “said Ballmer for CRN portal.” We are at war. Our partners will discover and to know what values are most important for customers.

When asked about the recently introduced system of licensing Companion Device License (CDL) for users accessing Windows computers tablets without Windows, Ballmer said:

“I think we’ll wrap things in a much more comfortable than the competition package, because it is the place where the bread is buttered. Obviously, if you own Microsoft’s device and you want to buy a license for Windows, we are always glad that we can sell it to you. A we have customers who will buy Windows licenses, whether it be on the VDI-in, or people who want Windows on a Mac. “

If you have this vague statement Ballmer, it’s about his comments regarding criticism of the system of paying CDL license, which allows users to access corporate desktops via virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to up to four personal “non-Windows” device, such as iPad and Android tablets.

CDL system Microsoft wants mended the hole that was created because people are joining the VDI computers through “non-Windows” tablet work around paying for Windows licenses, you will no longer be possible, although it is unclear how this will be controlled.

Analysts of the Battle cry Ballmer associated are with promotion of Surface tablet which directly goes into the territory of the iPad, but hardly anyone believes that on the mobile field Microsoft can compete against IOS and Android, at least not in the next few years, as smart phones so with tablets.

In any case Ballmer introduced a little sparkle in among corporate communications and we would gladly like to see other CEOs of large companies put off gloves and begin to share a verbal slap competition.

Until now we only remember Steve Jobs’s statement that a few years before his death said he would give his last breath of life to the destruction of Android.

Author Bio:- Ivan is a freelance writer and he is also a guest writer for Dota2club.com blog, he recommends the the newest Dota maps available for download.

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