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How to Stay Current with each New Advance of Online Marketing Tools

It’s an ancient adage, but still true in many respects: the only thing consistent is change. This is especially relevant if you are a part of the online marketing world. Every day brings new advances in SEO, more sites that promote social media, a new handful of blogs and better technology to tweak search engines’ ability to match information with people. It becomes a game of constant catch-up if you are not keen to the announcements and alterations. Here are a few tips to stay abreast of every resource available to you.

Google Alerts

It’s a resource not to be missed if you are concerned about any information available online. You can specify your preference for what you will be alerted to. For instance, if you want to know what is up and coming in SEO, then you will receive emails informing you of any new information that is posted anywhere on the Internet. It is not specific to marketing tools, either, you can even be notified if someone mentions the band you belong to on the web. Whatever topic you choose, you will be connected with it on a regular basis.


Industry publications are another way to stay current on what is happening in technology and other pertinent fields. The articles found in the publications will help you stay current and also provide a great resource if you are looking for a job or desire to increase your skill set. They could also alert you of new or used technology that is for sale, for instance a gamma camera for sale or a corporate server for sale.

Some of the more well known publications that would be worth your time are: CIO, a publication aimed at information technology; Certification Magazine, a publication which focuses exclusively on technical certifications and training; and Intelligent Enterprise magazine, which is a publication serving the business intelligence community, it’s a must-read resource if you are in any way involved in business intelligence or enterprise performance management.


Many blogs are dedicated solely to the latest trends in social media. Checking out a varitey of them and choosing which ones to follow on a regular basis would be worthwhile. The following list is a great place to get started: Mashable, Social Media Explorer, Social Media Today, Chris Brogan, Dosh Dosh, Chris G, Altitude Branding, Successful-Blog, Techipedia and Instigator Blog.

It takes consistent and diligent effort to stay fresh on what is new in any line of work, but the tools used in the online marketing world are especially susceptible to change. This makes even more important to know where to look for the newest and best information.

By-line: Article by Cam Jarvis- I enjoy snowboarding, and all summer outdoor activities. I am currently going to school with a desire to become a gamma camera technician.