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How Startups Can Use Web Conferences to Grow Their Business?

Web conferencing is something that is not only useful to large organizations. It is not just about big time executives holding virtual discussions or wealthy businessmen negotiating large contracts online with clients or suppliers abroad. Startups, too, can make great use of web conferencing for their day to day operations and for growing their business.

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The following are the most common aspects of startup business operations that can be made considerably better by web conferencing:

Enabling Effective, Cheaper, and More Engaging Communication

Of course, web conferencing is about communication so it’s only expected that web conferencing solutions are supposed to improve communication. But in what particular aspects does it do this? One notable benefit of web conferencing is the “close-to-personal” kind of communication it enables. Because it shows faces and body gestures to participants in the conference, it makes communication a lot more natural and effective as it creates a better bond with participants. It is a very good substitute for in-person conversations. Moreover, since the charges for web-based communication is usually not based on the minutes or seconds spent, it is also cheaper. This means savings on communication expenses as your startup tries to remain lean.

Reaching Out to Potential Investors or Business Partners

When it comes to communicating with prospective investors, business partners, or even with some major customers, web conferencing also creates opportunities for startups to close deals and acquire investments. Instead of visiting business partners or investors in their distant locations, discussions or negotiations can be quickly, cheaply, and conveniently done online without sacrificing the quality of the conversations. Web conferencing also means time savings as it cuts away the travel time needed to personally visit a business partner or investor.

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Providing Product Demonstrations

Another advantageous use of web conferencing is in the area of product demonstrations. Using web conferencing technology, it no longer becomes necessarily to travel to a certain location to be able to conduct product demonstrations. Several web conference software now allow high quality video for clearer demonstrations. Additionally, these software can simply transmit videos and other media if the Internet connection in one of or both parties is not that reliable to support high quality video conferencing.

Remote product demos enable a business to reach potential customers in far-off places without having to spend for the transportation of the equipment and supplies needed for the demonstration. Of course, actual product demonstrations will always be preferable for many customers but there are many who would consider remote demonstrations sufficient. It’s unwise to not exploit the preference of these types of customers and lessen business operation costs.

Conducting Remote Training and Collaboration

Just like remote or online product demonstrations, web conferencing also makes it easier to proceed with and manage business expansions. Staff trainingseminars will be necessary as each new branch is established and can be conducted through online conferencing. Likewise, the management of staff can also be done through the web. This means lower costs for personnel development and management—something every startup will always want to invest in.

In addition, web conferencing technology can also facilitate collaborations. There are certain instances when startups have complementing concepts, skills, technologies, and assets. By meeting online and using tools that enable collaboration, different startups can work on a particular project and achieve something with mutual benefits. This means that companies with different but complementing or supplementing human and technological resources no longer need to hire new people or acquire new assets, tangible or intangible, to work on a project that can yield benefits for all participating parties.

Web conferencing definitely offers a lot of advantages. It’s important to point out, though, that there are specific compatible software and hardware on both ends needed to enable it. It’s not possible to conduct a web conference with someone who does not have the similar software and hardware; or at least a web browser, speaker and microphone.

As your startup makes every effort to remain pennywise, you need to find services which delivery great quality for a less price than ones you’re already using. For example, a service like ClickMeeting will be an affordable and powerful tool for conducting high quality online meetings. It’s a service packed with features such as screen sharing, social media integration, session recording, language translation, chat and questions and answers moderation and more. For managing your social media presence, opt for Oktopost or Cyfe and so on – just make sure you do your search when picking a service that doesn’t drain your pockets dry.

Premium web conferencing solutions will always be a good choice for startups since most of the technicalities are taken care of and the startup can focus on running and growing the business through effective communication.

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  • Andrew Thomas

    March 12, 2015, 10:52 am

    I completely agree with the article. Nowadays, there are various cost effective web conferencing tools available such as a R-HUB web conferencing server which small businesses can use for conducting online meetings.

  • Nathan Albright

    October 9, 2014, 1:36 am

    Nice post! Web conferencing is so key nowadasy for SMBs and StartUps and how they integrate with Social media. I actually knew Cyfe, but thanks for enlightening me on Oktopost! Hootsuite is also a great tool for managing Social Media.


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