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Starting An Online Affiliate Business-12 Benefits and Advantages

Ecommerce is booming. According to estimates, $165.4 billion was spent in online sales for the year 2010 in the U.S alone. This is a 14.8% increase from the previous year. These staggering sales figures include a large part in affiliate revenue as well. Many companies offer an affiliate program nowadays as it’s a lucrative marketing medium. They just pay affiliates when sales are made and this results in free passive traffic from the affiliates. Affiliates play an integral part in driving traffic and sales for merchants.

While an affiliate program can largely benefit the merchants, the affiliate business model is one of the most hassle-free online business models and can be highly rewarding. No wonder affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly popular as it offers several advantages and benefits. Here are 12 of them:

(1) Product Creation and Delivery

E-commerce can include products which are tangible and intangible. Affiliates don’t need to worry about creating their own products nor dealing with suppliers, keeping inventory and doing delivery. In addition, they don’t have to mess with shopping carts, accepting payments and processing orders.Their only objective is to send targeted traffic to the merchant’s website and get paid when a sale is made.

(2) Customer Service

Affiliates don’t need to take care of customer service saving them time which can be better spent promoting their affiliate businesses. No worry about dealing with difficult customers and getting frustrated.

(3) Hiring Staff

An affiliate business can be a one man/woman show and there is no need to employ people. You might do some outsourcing but you don’t necessarily need to hire staff and pay weekly or monthly wages.

(4) Freedom

Being successful at affiliate marketing can bring you enormous benefits like freedom and flexibility as compared to a 9-5 job. Be your own boss. You can work whenever and wherever you want to and there is no need to put an alarm clock to go to work. You don’t have a typical set of hours to work everyday. An affiliate business can be managed anywhere. With just a laptop and wireless internet connection, you can still check how your affiliate business is doing even while on vacation. In addition, you have more time to indulge in your favorite hobbies as well as spending more time with your family and friends.

(5) Passive Income

Any online business model which generates income without any effort is called passive income or autopilot income. An affiliate business is one of them. All the initial work you’ve put into your affiliate business can pay big dividends in the long run. Whether you’re sleeping, eating, sipping a margarita on the beach or enjoying yourself on a trip somewhere, your business is still generating passive income without you lifting a finger. It’s like having your own personal salesman working for you nonstop but who never gets tired or require wages. Also you don’t need to trade time for money as compared to a 9-5 job. With your job, once you stop doing that, cash flow stops. This is not the case with an affiliate business.

(6) The Sky Is The Limit

With an affiliate business, there is no limit to the amount of success you can achieve. You’re the master of your own destiny. You can decide to what extent you want to grow your business. You can target new affiliate programs and offers and develop multiple income streams. It’s like having many virtual real estates(VRE) working for you nonstop 24/7.

(7) Super Affiliate

Being an affiliate means you have the potential to become a super affiliate and have a more profitable business. A super affiliate is not your usual affiliate as the latter sets him/her apart from the rest. Typically, super affiliates generate boatloads of sales for the merchants and can earn 5-Figure income per month. Becoming a super affiliate can earn you a substantial amount of affiliate revenue.

(8) No Big Upfront Investment

Starting an affiliate business is not very difficult as the upfront investment is not high as compared to a brick and mortar business. Some of the things you will need are a computer, an internet connection, a web hosting provider and domain name. With just these, you can get started.

(9) Global Marketplace

With the Internet, affiliates can tap into a worldwide market and reach a large audience of potential customers. You can get traffic to your website from all over the world. What other business can offer you such a lucrative opportunity.

(10) Working Part-Time

If you have a full-time regular job and you want to build an affiliate business, you might procrastinate and decide this is not right for you as you won’t have time. But the truth is you can easily work part-time to build your affiliate business. There is no need to quit your job to get started. Investing only 1-2  hours everyday can reap big dividends ultimately.

(11) No Need For A Degree

With most high-paying jobs, you need a degree to increase your chances in securing that coveted job. With an affiliate business, you don’t need a degree to get started. You can make research and learn online.

(12) No Need For Retirement

A profitable affiliate business can potentially allow you to retire early instead of working till 60+ years old. But there is really no such thing as retirement since running an affiliate business offers so many benefits and there is no need to quit. Besides, it’s like you’re already enjoying a retirement by operating an affiliate business.

As you can see, there are umpteen rewards in owning an affiliate business. If you’re not using affiliate marketing, you might be leaving money on the table. Some of the best places to look for companies offering affiliate programs are affiliate marketing networks like ClickBank.com, CJ.com, ShareASale.com, LinkShare.com, Click2Sell.eu, PayDotCom.com.

Author Bio: Jean Lam is a full-time Internet marketer and likes to write about online business topics and website marketing strategies. Discover the story behind his first affiliate product sale at how to make money on the internet.

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  • Jean

    April 25, 2011, 10:18 pm

    Thanks for your comment Scorpi. I mentioned “can be a one man/woman show”. So it might also not be “a one man/woman show”. It all depends on the affiliate marketer. I also mentioned outsourcing.

    Quoting: “You might do some outsourcing but you don’t necessarily need to hire staff and pay weekly or monthly wages.”

    So that means money will be invested. But employing people and paying weekly or monthly wages isn’t exactly the same as outsourcing. So you don’t really need to employ people in that sense.

    But even though you don’t outsource, you can still write your own articles and reviews, do your own link building etc.. and you’re the best to know what you’re doing. Having some success with affiliate programs, I know that you can very well do it on your own if you dedicate your time, efforts and be persistent at it. You can encounter some interesting success.

    But outsourcing definitely can give you an edge to move forward fast if you plan to build many affiliate business niches. You’ll need quality content and link building and this is where outsourcing can play a vital part in fostering your affiliate business growth.

  • scorpi

    April 21, 2011, 4:40 am

    “An affiliate business can be a one man/woman show and there is no need to employ people.” – WRONG!

    Well… then you need to invest some money for good articles that sells ( 10$ -15$ for 600-700 word article is okay for me) , linkbuilding, etc.

    So… you cant expect good money if you dont invest some money for “shits”


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