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Special Methods for Making Qualitative Photographies

Photography Tricks

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and they may be right to a great extent. When you look at a picture closely, there are things that come into mind even without anyone mentioning anything. You can look at the portrait of a person and figure out what is happening at the time when that photo was taken. It is with such analysis that photographs can be used in qualitative researches in evaluating the cultures and way of life of people. However, there has been a huge scepticism that photos can be used without text and still give a genuine analysis about what is going on. Just as newcomers who want to engage in gambling hurry to claim online casino no deposit bonus UK offer before playing for real money. We would have a look at the different methods used by researchers in qualitative photography research and they include:

Self Portrait

It dictates how a researcher or participant sees themselves. You have to paint your own image in a truthful manner. You have to look deep inside yourself and create a picture that defines you as a person. All the negative and positive things about you should come out as a result. You have to paint images or photos that imitate your current mood. Such paintings will reveal your pain, happiness and your life in general. In short, this method tries to expose your life in pictures where the participant will come up with paintings that express their emotions and display them in galleries.

Relational Maps

In this case, family photos are used to analyse the relationship among family members. The researcher will take or collect all the family photos of the subject and analyse them using the relational maps tool. It helps to explain the actual relationship using photos already taken. During the analysis, the researcher will be able to know if the participant has a close relationship with other family members. By analysing different family photos taken at different timelines, the researcher will be able to point out how the relationship has changed and what has led to those changes.


It gives an insight on the past life of an individual. With this method or tool, the researcher is able to have a chronology of the life of the subject. Photos of the past life of the subject are analysed to help evaluate their progress in the past years. It explains the journey of the participant from their earlier years to where they are and where they will be in later years. Such photos can be obtained from the family personal photo album.

Making qualitative photographs that will be used to analyse the way of life of a subject can be analysed differently by different people. However, they can be fun when it comes to telling the unspoken words in the photos. Just as the bonuses at https://777spinslot.com/, these pictures speak volume on their own.

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