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Sony to Launch 3G Tablets

India’s major Electronic Device manufacturer ‘Sony’ finally announced the launch of the much awaited Tablet PC’s. The 3G enabled tablets will be launched by the mid of January.

Sony launches two models of tablets named, Sony S and Sony P. These tablets promise to deliver high quality performance with its hardware, content, applications and most importantly its elegant design. And one of the striking features of these tablets are PlayStation Certified. Which means it will be compatible for PlayStation games and will give user full flexibility to play popular PlayStation games like FIFA, GTA, etc.

Both the versions of the tablet will arrive by the mid of January, while the Wifi version is already available in the market. The features of both the tablets are as follows:

Sony S

Sony S tablet will be available in two versions- Wifi and Wifi+3G version.  Sony S Tablet is a rectangular regular slab with 9.4” screen supporting 1280*800 pixels of resolution.

sony 3g tablet

The technical specifications of the tablet include 1GB RAM and 5MP camera. This tablet has latest Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread which makes it best in its class. Sony S tablet has 16 GB of internal storage capacity and also contains dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor.

The Sony S tablet with only Wifi version is available at Rs. 29,990 and its Wifi+3G version will be available at Rs 33.990.

Sony P

Sony P Tablet is only available in a single version i.e. Wfif+3G version .Sony P Tablet comes in a clamshell design with dual foldable LCD screen. The screen is 5.5” supporting 1024*480 pixels of resolution. The striking feature of this series of tablet is that it contains two LCD touchscreen, which can also be combined into a single large screen by unfolding both the screens.

3g tablet by sony

The technical specifications of Tablet S are almost same as of Tablet S. It also has Android 2.3.2 Gingerboard,1GB RAM, 16 GB of internal storage  and dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor. It has two cameras. The secondary(front) camera has O.3 MP and the primary(back) one is 5 MP.

The design of this version of tablet is quite new and unique which makes it worth to buy. The launching price of Sony P tablets will be 36,990 Rs.

Another striking feature of these tablets is a availability of ‘throw’ function. With the help of ‘throw’ feature one can wirelessly synchronize tablets with DLNA compatible devices including Television, Computers and other large media device. It will help the user to easily share the files between the devices and watch, listen it on a big screens of television or Computers.

During the launch Managing Director Sony, Masaru Tamagawa said:

“Today we are launching tablets that support Wi-Fi connectivity. In mid-January we will launch tablets that will have both 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi. We expect 3G-enabled tablets to contribute 80% to our total tablet sales in this financial year. We are also in discussion with some operators to bundle these tablets with their services”

According to Sony, there tablets are quick to respond accurately and immediately to every touch, drag, zoom, twist of fingers or any kind of motion. Thus these tablets offer Quick View and Quick Touch.  With these features enabled, the sensitivity of the phone will be awesome and the quality of the video will be mind blowing and even the games offering high graphics will be easily run with pure graphics.

Author Bio:- This blog post has been written by Rajkumar Jonnala who blogs at various technical blog websites and even run its own SEO Blog name seoindia-raj.

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    July 8, 2012, 8:32 am

    several weeks ago i try sony tablet but i think iPad better.


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