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Sony Releases Wireless, Hands-Free and Water Resistant Walkman

Ever wondered if an mp3 player or headphone that works underwater was even possible? Well, it is now. And Sony’s got it as their W Series Sports Walkman.

The Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player is a wire-free, hands-free, and water resistant player. Yes; not only did Sony make it water-resistant, but the company designed it so that you can really swim or run without worrying about the distracting wires. Since the player is a one-piece gadget meaning the player is built and housed in the same area as the earbuds, you have the freedom to move around and about. That means you’d be able to take a dip or do workout as hard as you can without the bothersome wires or the bulky player that you have to put in your pocket or around your arm.

But the Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player offers more than just its wearable and wire-free design.

4GB W Series Walkman MP3 Player

IPX8 Rating

The W Series Sports Walkman has IPX8 rating. IP in IPX8 means Ingress Protection, while the digit 8 means the equipment can be continuously submerged under water with specifications from the manufacturer. For this particular product, Sony has made it submersible up to 2 meters of water which means you can swim while wearing it.

The X in the IP rating is supposed to be the first digit in the code that usually pertains to solid particle protection. But since this Walkman is not dust-proof, no digit was placed and was, instead, represented by an X, which basically means NO dust protection.

Fast-charging Battery

This Walkman can be used up to 60 minutes with just 3 minutes of charging. When fully charged, the Walkman can be used for 8 straight hours. That’s going to be super handy, especially if you’re a person who’s always on-the-go.

4GB Internal Memory

You know how frustrating it is when you constantly have to put a track on repeat when working out just because you don’t have enough songs on your playlist to last you the whole workout. Well, with this Walkman, you can put a lot of workout tracks since you’re given 4GB of internal memory. That’s likely to even last you an entire day without having to press repeat on any of the tracks.

Drag and Drop

Who says you can’t use iTouch with this player? You can. In fact, you can just drag and drop your favorite music files in mp3, WMA, and AAC formats using either iTunes or Windows Media Player. To add,this player can even store and play your iTunes playlists.

HQ Sound

If there’s one thing that Sony’s really good at, it’s sound quality. And the W Series Sports Walkman doesn’t disappoint. For the audiophiles out there, you’d be enjoying clear, high quality sound and deeper bass whether you’re working out or swimming with this amphibious player.


With the ZAPPIN® search feature, you can fast forward the track to your favorite part to match your pace or get you in the workout mood. So if you want to skip the verse and proceed to the chorus of “Eye of the Tiger” to get you in workout mode, you definitely can.

The only downside to this player is probably the fact that it’s a one-piece device. Since the earbuds are integrated into the player itself, there’s no way for you to use the earbuds with other gadgets like your business phone for example. Nevertheless, if you want a player that’s going to allow free movement even underwater, this is the one you should consider buying.

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