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Has Sony Learned its Lessons from the PS3 and Applied them to the PS4?

Sony took the world by storm almost 2 decades ago when they released the Playstation and quickly dominated the world of consoles. With the likes of Sega and Nintendo so heavily ingrained in people’s lives and the failure of Atari (A respected company in the gaming world, unlike Sony) to make any kind of noticeable dent in their market share, you could have been forgiven for wondering why Sony were bothering. As we know now, you would have been very wrong.

Playstation 4

The PS1 and the PS2 were successes overnight. This wasn’t because they had the best processor, the best graphics chips or looked the prettiest (Although some would argue they had all these things), the main reason was because of the content developers were able to launch thanks to the power of the Playstation.

When designing and building the PS3 Sony lost its way a little bit and forgot the vital recipe that had made the PS1 and the PS2 such successes. It forgot that the majority of users wanted great titles to play and weren’t that bothered how many gigaflops the machine would run at or what kind of flux capacitor it had inside it. As consumers we understand that you need the super turbo flux capacitor in order to deliver the latest graphics that we want, but only to the point that the developers can use the power.

This is where they fell down with the PS3. Sony gave it the Cell processor with 9 cores, a far more advanced processor than the Xbox 360 which gave them bragging rights and allowed them to win the privates measuring contest. Unfortunately none of the developers knew how to use the new super chip so the games weren’t better and in some cases were worse than Xbox titles. Screen shot side by sides were a thorn in the side of Sony and PS3 owners.

Despite this the PS3 and its Cell processor became more familiar to developers and over time the PS3 became a success, maybe not quite the success of its predecessors, but a success none the less.

Thankfully a big lesson was learned with the PS3 and when it comes to the PS4, we are back to the good old days.  The structure and content of the launch event in New York in February tells you all you need to know about the ethos of the new PS4.

We were told about the PS4’s guts because as we know, it’s important to let everyone know that the latest bits and bobs are inside the thing. This made up a small part of the conference right at the start though, the rest was very much about the developers, the engines they are now able to produce thanks to the power of the PS4 and most importantly of all, the games.

They had all the big boys there showing off games like Watch Dogs, KillZone Shadow Fall, Deep Down and even Blizzard with the announcement of Diablo 3. This sent the message to all watching that yes, the PS4 has lots of cool hardware but it is there only to give the developers the tools they have asked for, in order to make the games people want to play.

They also spent a lot of time talking about the new controller. In fact this was the only actual hardware we got to see. It has new motion sensing abilities, a share button that works with the new “More Social” operating system to give you loads more ways to interact with friends, it has Dual Shock 4 and a nifty touchpad to allow for gesture control to be incorporated into PS4 games. All bits of hardware designed to enhance the games and the users experience within the games.

My hat goes off to Sony. Well done for learning the lessons from the PS3 and good luck with the PS4. I will be following the news and rumours closely and reporting on them with great interest.

Author Bio:- My name is Martin Leonard and I run a website called Best PS4 Deals. We aim to bring you all the latest news and rumours regarding the Sony PS4, its release date and the titles it is going to launch with. As soon as it is available you will be able to pre-order your PS4 and PS4 games from Best PS4 Deals.

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