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Some of the Services Offered by Nexus and Their Business Partners

Having the Nexus name means that a business has a number of authorizations in terms of computer systems they can work with. This includes IBM, HP and Dell, as well as various other strategic partners. A good company that carries the Nexus name is also able to offer a huge portfolio of services that should include but not be limited to:

  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • Personal computers
  • Thin clients
  • Mobile devices

Essentially, they should be able to help a person or organization get all the elements they require to build a business computer system or datacenter that performs the way they need it to.

Nexus Services

Building a computing infrastructure is something that has to be done by the professionals, whose personal niche it is. They can help with things such as cloud hosting, virtualization and more. Naturally, a real Nexus company will also offer IT support and maintenance, as well as, if require, extended warranties.

They should also be able to build an adaptive IT infrastructure that can grow or contract as required. One vital element of this should be cloud computing, which is one of the newest type of technology used by businesses and personal users alike. Let’s take a look at some of the services you should expect.

Enterprise Servers

This means you have flexible data storage hardware and a flexible server with all the necessary support and management tools. These could be rack or tower based and must demonstrate how they can improve efficiency, productivity, power consumption and space utilization. These are all vital elements for the success of a business.

Small Business Services

Small businesses often find that professional services are too expensive for them, and amateur services are too amateurish. A good Nexus company, however, should welcome small businesses with open hands and offer solutions specific to the small enterprise needs, including growth opportunities.

Workstations and PCs

A Nexus PC is designed to have a larger lifecycle, offer more productivity, come with more IT control and management and have perfect desktop virtualization. Again, they should be able to grown and contract as needed.

These are just some of the services that you should expect from a true Nexus company. Essentially, their goal should be to make sure you have the right IT infrastructure for your needs, that you are properly supported in its usage and that all these services are offered to you at a price that you can afford and that is far. Finding such a company should not be too difficult. Spend some time online to search for Nexus companies and investigate their credentials, which should be listed on their website. Furthermore, you should try to find some customer testimonials and reviews on the company itself. Do make sure, however, that these reviews are truly independent and hence not listed on the company website. Instead, turn to the Better Business Bureau and Facebook, where you can see what people really feel about the business, without worrying about potential censorship.

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