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Some of the Best Games for Android Phones

With the android applications development, people are able to understand different aspects of using mobile phones. They offer so many different applications; one can get the maximum benefits by using them. Here are some of the best games which can be downloaded for enjoyment through these android mobile phone applications:

Angry Birds:

This game is very much popular among the youngsters as well as the adults. Its popularity have increased like anything, this game offers various levels and stages. Every bird in this game offers different powers which make the game so addictive.

Racing Moto:

The game is very fast and is liked by those who have fond of racing. The game offers amazing graphics with beautiful scenery of bridge, city, sea, forest and desert. One every level the path becomes more complicated and more exciting.

Air Penguin:

This is a simple game in which the player controls the penguin for getting high scores; this game is fun with special boosts which can be unlocked during the game. The graphics are amazing and the penguin looks so cute.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D:

With so good 3D effects, this game offers the magic of playing table tennis in real. The game is fast and needs alertness; three different settings are there to play with 30 levels.

Yoo Ninja:

This game is liked by boys a lot as it offers four different worlds with 34 different levels in a story mode. The game is very simple but needs a lot of alertness and speed.

Let’s Golf 3 HD:

In this game the player can make their own profile and can play the game online with friends as opponents. This game is a multiplayer game in which even chats can be done with other players.

Penguin Baseball:

This game is a total fun is liked by many; right hit is required at the right time on the penguin for making the best scores. It is hard to smack them as they are very quick; the overall game offers total fun and makes the gaming experience enjoyable.

Glow Hockey:

This game is also highly addictive, people like its relativity with the actual game. Two players can play this game on the same device with different levels and complexity.

Fruit Ninja:

This game offers three different modes Classic, Zen and Arcade, the levels of the game gets unlock by making the scores. The graphics are very colorful and makes the game more attracting.


This game is popular for its different levels, complexity and the various weapons which can be utilized accordingly. Assaulter is the best portable arcade shooter; this game is very much liked by people.

All these games offer the best gaming experience; one can download them for free and can have fun with friends or family.

Author Bio:Jenni is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on Android Applications Development and also on various other topics, for more information you can check her other blogs.

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