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Some Free Tools For Your Windows Computer

Now most of the users use a Windows Operating system for their computers and laptops. The main issue with windows is that does not come loaded with a lot of free day to day use software.  Why don’t you try these free tools that will make your work easier and perform some basic and necessary services that you would need?

1# Crossloop

What if you are stuck somewhere with your computer and need somebody to look into your machine. With this nifty piece of software, you can provide remote access to your machine to anyone and they can review the issue and provide their inputs.

Both machines would need Crossloop installed and you do not need to think about IP address and VNC clients. The connections are secure and access is via a randomly generated password. You can download the software from crossloop.com

2# Camstudio

The software which can be downloaded from camstudio.org enables you to record whatever you are doing on your machine and make a video to share with your friends, family and others. To give an example, you would need to start Camstudio, click record, minimize the software window and start recording the demonstration. Once complete, stop the recording and you will be provided with a video file in AVI format.  You can now share the video with anyone you want.

3# Eraser

What to do when you are selling or disposing of your old computer or your hard drive. What happens to all the data that is stored in them even though it has been deleted? Always remember that deleted date can be recovered by software.  With eraser (downloadable from eraser.heidi.ie you can you erase your data do that it becomes in accessible. This software overwrites the existing data with random patterns and you are also allowed to choose from a number of security options.

4# Dexpot

This took which can be downloaded from dexpot.de is a pretty handy for virtual desktops. You can create up to 4 different desktops and each works like an individual machine.  You can run multiple windows and programs on each machine and make optimum use of your screen space.

5# Keepass

Now most of us are at pains to remember the different passwords that we use daily. Keepass is the answer to all your prayers for remembering multiple passwords. It is a free open source tool that keeps each password secure in an encrypted database. You can keep all the passwords and login information along with credit card information, bank details etc with a one master password. The data is encrypted on the machine and the software can be downloaded from keepass.info

Author: Kelly Jones writes for Tustin Auto Center. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

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