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Social PPC Advertising in 2017

Social PPC Advertising

Today, there are several forms of advertising channels, and the numbers are dramatically increasing from day to day. As such, social PPC advertising (expanded as pay-per-click advertising) is running on various social media networks today. Due to its reputation, it has been accepted as a distinctive marketing channel for digital marketers. The social media sites are offering a broader range of advertising opportunities to the marketers. Remember, these choices are ever-expanding. Let’s see in detail about the social PPC here…

Various Social PPC Advertising Options:

Now, let’s see what options are being provided by different social media platforms:

  •        Facebook – Advertising options
  •        Twitter – Promoted tweets, profiles, and cards
  •        LinkedIn – Advertising and marketing solutions
  •        Instagram – Online advertising and Google Adwords
  •        Snapchat – Advertising

Apart from these, we can also include Facebook Messenger, as well as WhatsApp in the list of social PPC. It’s to be noted that social PPC was not exclusively started on Facebook. But today, this is one of the widely used platforms with various functionalities. You can understand this by watching the number of ads that are taking over the news feed. This is why we recommend affordable PPC management from Seoanalystic.pro team.

How Does Social PPC Advertising Work?

These ads are being placed on various social platforms and are charged on the basis of cost per click and cost per thousand impressions. This would mean that the clicks are accounted as individual entities, and a cost will be assigned on the basis of per click. The metrics that are being used for measuring the success rates are:

  •        Rate
  •        Conversion rate
  •        Impression count

Why A Social PPC Campaign?

It’s not that you should incorporate a social PPC campaign just because everyone is doing so. There are other justifications here. Firstly, this will be a display ad campaign rather than search ads. Thus, it makes it easier for the advertiser to determine who will view the ad and design the campaign likewise. With search ads, the advertising would depend upon the search terms. Thus, this would get the ability to create stronger engagement with the searcher. In addition, this would be great when it comes to brand reputation. Although every click won’t produce a sale or sign-up actions, nothing is lost here. At least a few more people are coming to know the brand.

In our experience, we have found that the social PPC campaigns are at their best when incorporated as part of a broader ad campaign.

Remember, social media has become the first interaction with the users today, and they are good at creating desires. Having seen the ads in social media, the users then move onto carrying out their own research.

How is Social PPC Measured?

In general, the measures that are used will depend on the aims of the ad campaign. Here are few ways that we found valuable in measuring these campaigns. They are returns on ad expenses and cost per click. As such, you might have to determine any additional actions and should set objectives for landing page engagement.

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