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Social Media Toolkit for Professionals

Whether you like it or not, you are an online brand. Do a Google search on yourself and you will realize that people are talking about you on their Facebook pages or blogs. This means that if don’t participate actively in social media, you have allowed other people to do your PR by default.

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Social media gives you the opportunity to take control and ensure people see your brand in the proper perspective. So, what are vital social media tools that the modern executive needs to have in his toolkit?

1. Professional blog

Every serious executive should have their own professional blog, either branded with a name relevant to the industry or their own name. You can use blogging platforms such as Tumblr.com or Blogger.com to get a blog up in minutes. To have ultimate control, you could buy your own domain name as well as a WordPress template.

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2. Facebook page

Besides your personal profile, you should create a Facebook page, and use it to promote and share your professional brand. A professional and public Facebook page will help people find your personal brand more easily. Post your articles on it, get your audience to comment and link to other platforms such as your blog and Twitter.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is used by many professionals as an online resume.  LinkedIn can also be used to display your recent blog posts, Slideshare presentations and tweets. Participating actively in LinkedIn groups can be very helpful in keeping you visible to your peers, as well as your potential future boss.

4. Twitter

Twitter is ideal for sharing the current news in your profession and industry. It also helps monitor important brands and people in your industry. In addition, Twitter is a great way of promoting your articles globally by embedding links in the headline.

5. Slideshare

A slideshare account will enable you to share your great PowerPoint presentations with others on the internet. This creates valuable opportunities for personal brand promotion and networking. When people begin to value your opinion, you may be invited to give talks at industry events.

By optimizing and participating in these platforms, you will begin taking charge of your online personal brand.

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