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Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

Social media and social networking sites are growing at a rapid rate and businesses that ignore them are losing out on potential customers. Building social media profiles is a time consuming task and a small business might not have the time and the budget to spend on them. However social networks has helped small businesses gain visibility with very low budgets, it’s just a matter of coming up with an effective social media strategy.

Identify Social Networks

The first step is to identify social networks that best matches your business. Although it is great if you can manage profiles in many social networks, this is very hard to do unless you have a dedicated team. So it’s best to pick one or two social networks and actively engage in them. If you have a global product or a service, then Facebook is a good choice. If you are targeting young crowds then Twitter is another good social network to find potential customers. If your service is more business oriented then you might have a better chance by engaging in a business network like LinkedIn. Your geographical location, your target market, your product type are few things you should consider when making this decision. If you have a location based business like a restaurant or an Internet café then you can use a service like Foursquare which rewards regular visitors. Whatever the reason it is best to choose 2-3 networks so you can focus effectively.

Growth Strategy

The next step is to build your social profiles. It could be increase Facebook like or increasing Twitter followers, but as a small business new to social network you need to actively look for new users. Some small businesses automate some tasks like increasing Twitter followers using software like TweetAdder. Some held giveaways so they can build their number quickly. Whatever method you use it is important to engage with your users frequently and encourage them to spread the word.

Content Strategy

Although a portion of small business owners get the first two facts right one area where almost everyone struggles is content creation. Some resort to only doing promotions, some just share their blog posts in social networks and some just doesn’t do anything at all except updating their profile. You need to give people a reason to follow you and provide some value to people who already followed you. Other than your promotion and blog posts it is a good idea to share important news related to your niches, some funny info graphic, inspirational quote and other interesting things. Your followers will appreciate it and you won’t end up looking like a spammer.

Mentioned above are three main things to consider when creating your social media strategy. Having success with social media is mostly about engagement and it is important to spend some time answering customer concerns in your profiles.

Author Bio:- Nishadha Silva is an Internet Marketer who manages a blog network. He provides SEO in Sri Lanka for small businesses and immensely proud about Creately, a web application to draw diagrams online.