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Social Media Mistakes to be Avoided by PR Pros

Social media is taking an increasingly large portion of the job of PR executives. In order to maintain good blogs and websites, having strong foundation in communications and PR can be very beneficial. Here are a few common, but grave social media mistakes to be avoid, if you are a PR person.

social media mistakes

Using a formal businesslike tone

Keep in mind that your audience usually has a very short attention span, if they even have time at all. So craft your Facebook page or blog accordingly. The voice that carries through these pages should be entertaining, casual, conversational and fun. The tone reserved for board meetings and annual reports should be kept at bay. It really doesn’t make the cut on a social platform.

This doesn’t mean you should sound laidback. It is important to maintain your brands image, but make the atmosphere comfortable and friendly. Aim at enticing your customers and giving them a chance to express themselves. Showing some personality is completely ok.

Reusing press releases for Twitter and Facebook

Just because Facebook or Twitter is a means for communicating events and developments in your company to an audience, doesn’t mean you bore them with every single press release headline. Remember this is a social platform, not a newspaper! You can turn this around by asking your followers a question or conducting a survey. Making things interactive is a great way to draw attention and keep things interesting. These can be related to the topic of your press release. You can also use an excerpt from the release that is sure to make people check your website.

Using social media for broadcasting not for feedback

The great thing about social media is the whole real time aspect of it. Use it to generate constructive feedback that you can then use in future endeavors. Facebook has a poll feature that is a great way to get feedback on prospective plans or previous launches. Tweet chats can serve as a mean of customer service. Get rid of the mindset that your role in only to send out messages. Instead, interact and get to know you clients better through social media.

Assuming social media is an easy one-person job

It is important for all marketing and PR professionals to have some basic understanding and knowledge of how social media works. Try and make a majority of your team members spend a little time on social media on a regular basis. Assigning this task to the intern or the new guy can make it monotonous and unnatural. Let the various layers of your organization shine through your social media channels.

Entering the social media world without strategy

Before creating a page on any social media platform, think up an effective plan. Consider the reasons why you are on social media and then align you actions accordingly. Understand the working of the social networks you plan on using and then figure out how best you can use its features.

Author Bio:- This is a guest article by ZK who is the co-founder of blog Internet Marketing Blog where accomplished writers and bloggers share their tips, strategies and stories.

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