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Social Media in a Nutshell

Social media can be defined in terms where people interact with each other through the medium of technology. It could be internet, mobile, advertisement, television and so on. We are born in an era where everything takes place in a blink of an eye with the presence of internet. You wish to fly and ticket can be booked online, wish to transfer money and online banking is available, eager to book the home appliance and online shopping fulfills the demand. You name it and it has already been there. ‘Social Media’ is all about an interaction between human and internet in the form of video, text, images, audio etc.

Why do we need Social Media?

Well if we look at the market which social media has captured you won’t be questioning yourself again.  These days every company (no matter huge or small) is promoting itself through the medium of Social Media. Some of them have been successful in winning the lifetime customers and building strong and long-term relationship.

Owing your own website requires various things, hosting being one of them. From registering the domain name , hosting is an important part to let your website connect with the world through world wide web.

How does it work?

It works great if you know where is the need to implement Social Media strategies. Instead of building a castle in the dream it is accentuate to conduct an in-depth research for effective results.

It can work for you in the following manner:-

Facebook: You can form the group, community, social circle with facebook. It also offers a huge platform to interact with people who have the same interest in the products and services which you intend to offer in the market. You can directly interact with people and it surely builds their trust in your company.

Twitter: What could be more realistic and useful approach than creating an account on micro-blogging website like Twitter? You can directly interact with the customers to receive proper feedback about your company, products and services and their expectations out of you.

YouTube: Care to make people more aware about your products and services through Videos? Well then you’re at the right place. YouTube helps you in uploading the video to reach the people on large basis. A video conveys the information in a more effective manner.

Google +: Mostly people with deep interest in technology have been the member of Google +. They spend more time in reading, commenting, joining groups and networks to impart the knowledge and building strong business relationship.

Content Writing: You don’t have to run from pillar to post to leave your mark on the internet. Content writing works wonder if you know how to write a useful and informative content. Sharing and spreading the word of mouth through content can prove very useful for your business.

LinkedIn: is another social networking website which only offers help for the professionals. It could be a proprietor, company. Free lancer etc. All you have to do is complete your profile 100% and participating in the discussions through forms and groups. Make sure whatever you share should be accurate and consists of reliable information.

Social Media Marketing v/s Social Media Optimization

Often these two terms are used for the same purpose but they differ in meaning. Social Media Marketing is all about promoting your website so that it drives the traffic back to your website making more people aware about your company’s presence in the market. While social media optimization is all about adding the key elements in the form of content that attracts the people creating more awareness about your website.

‘Do not act in haste else everything will be a huge waste’

  • Keeping an eye on what other companies are doing is a good activity but don’t try to implement your strategies in the same way. Think wisely what you’re introducing in the market, what kind of customers you would like to see on your page, how can you improve it further and above all how genuinely and truly you can communicate with them. Do not let yourself rule by fools in the market. You aim should be different and you should stand unique in the market.
  • Who doesn’t wish to measure the success? While implementing your strategies keep in mind you would like to measure the success later. Build the decisions accordingly and monitor your work to check whether you’re leading in the right direction or not.
  • Chose the platforms wisely i.e. where you would like to promote your products and services. And why would you like to promote them on those specific platforms?

To be concluded, Social Media requires hard work and sincerity. As the famous proverb goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It takes time to drive the traffic to your website, knowing your customers, delivering what they want and measuring the success after-wards. Do not lose focus and analyze your website from every aspect to convert it into a huge brand. You can begin your journey with unpaid advertisement once achieving the target you have set, you can later on enter the stream of paid advertisement which equally brings good results. Take into consideration how would you like to take mini steps and how much you would like to invest to yield results? Once you’ll hold the nerve of social media there’s no U Turn to earn by leaps and bounds.

Author Bio:- Gurpreet is a well known author who has keen interest in the stream of Social Media, Internet Marketing & Hosting. She keeps sharing information about hosting coupons, reviews and tips. She has also written blogs on search engine optimization, Pinterest, Linkedin and registering domain name.

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