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Social Media As a Trend For Automakers

When the New Year comes in, so do the predictions for the new year’s outcomes. Two trends are running strong for social media in the automotive sector this year.

To reach out to more consumers, and as a way to gauge those sectors, industry CEO’s and power players like to follow trends to develop their product and maybe catch a sniff of the new hottest trend. As a communication tool, social media is faster and quicker than personalized emails or mobile phones. It’s a cheaper alternative and that’s the core business design for any promotion; less money out, more customers in.

Social media was considered much like a video game or just a way to blow off steam and waste time, but now auto marketers have seen the power that it can have with the introduction of a new product or an update to an existing one.

Facebook is huge, and car marketers have turned their attention to the implications it can have in an experienced public relations persons hands.

It is not a traditional channel by any means, and that can be very intriguing to marketers. A new dimension is explored with customers that has never been utilized before; interconnectedness. An auto campaign can reach the customers directly and grow or wane according to their input. In instance that is becoming more commonplace, customers that weren’t the initial target audience can be affected by an ad or product going viral.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars, auto companies can now gather crucial information without focus groups, campaigns, or leveraging a company’s integrity.

The wider implication for old school automakers makes a good example in a market that wasn’t tapped before. The potential knows no bounds and the range can grow on a daily basis. Market researchers see the value of the home blog, guest articles on a favorite site, or a few Facebook ads. There are no restrictions that can be measured or contained with social dialogue. It is considered a sales process and companies are employing those versed in social strategy.

Social media is becoming accepted and it’s very rare that a company does not have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or have a Wiki- page about their products. The accessibility factor is what propels the automakers futurism.

Blogs, podcasts, and social networks are expected and customers want to check up and keep up with the new products and news stories.

Making a social profile is crucial to reach your market now and making a few commercials now is not enough for a successful campaign for a company. In this day of having everything t your fingertips, confusion seems to hit if you are unavailable online so customers are pushing big companies to get innovative and get involved.

Using Facebook mad Twitter is the new way to keep “up with the Joneses” in today’s unstable and insecure market.

Author Bio:- The post is contributed by Peter Smith, he is a tech geek who keeps himself well informed w.r.t latest technologies. Visit his site for goene auto and auto leasen.

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