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Social Media – Are There Any Negative Sides?

Social media is the new way to communicate. It seems as if everyone is tweeting and has an account on Facebook. You can have your own personal board in Pinterest and post pins about your interest. In addition, you can snatch pins and information from all your friends. On Google+, people put information about themselves or their businesses for all the world to see. Before we consider whether there are any negative sides to social media, here are nine benefits of being part of the social media revolution:

  1. You can advertise your business or services on Facebook and other social media sites at no cost to you.
  2. You can keep in touch with family and friends and share pictures in a way that has never been available before. If you have someone you love who lives far away from you, then there is an outlet to keep in touch with them on a daily basis pretty easily.
  3. If you need to vent, you can have your friends and family share your frustrations and have others like and comment about them. Getting your issues out there can sometimes make you feel better.
  4. You can keep up with your teenagers and see what they put out there. You can get a wealth of information on your teenager or college-age child by looking at their social media activities.
  5. If you need a service or want advice, then you can have numerous ideas and opinions at your fingertips.
  6. If you need to know how to do something, such as braiding your hair or cooking a pot roast in a slow cooker, you can find how-to information on Pinterest.
  7. You can create a page that best represents you and lets everyone know your interests, likes and dislikes.
  8. If you have a cause or charity to support, you can raise awareness and interest in your cause. This could possibly raise money and make other people aware of something that you feel passionate about.
  9. You can get a date, find an old friend or make a new friend on social media as well.

The Negative Side of Social Media

People consider social media to be a place of fun and therefore get very informal in their interactions. They forget that the information they put there can hurt their reputation and can even hinder them when trying to find a job.

You can bet that future employers are looking at your social media pages. We have all heard stories about how people trash their boss or company on their social media pages and end up jobless. Colleges are also looking at your social media accounts and it could be considered in the admissions process.

Social media can be a fun way to reconnect with people and expand your interests. However, you have to think before you post and remember that your account can be viewed by a host of people. A good rule is to refrain from putting anything on your social media account that you would not say to someone if they were standing in front of you. Enjoy the technology, but be smart and safe.

Another challenge is keeping your privacy. You can meet people on social media, but you have to be careful and protect yourself when dealing with someone through social media. It is better if you do not have your home address or phone number on your account. You have to be safe.

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  • Rashmi Sinha @ TechInitio

    April 19, 2012, 6:24 am

    As everything that is about technology, it is all about the use you do with it. You can use social media to advertise your company, but overdoing it might cause you to suffer in something else. Everything needs to be done with a limit.


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