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Social Media and Technology

Technology and social media became the most powerful tool to communicate to the world. These social media provides two way communications in a quick and efficient way, with the help of the recent technology. We know that the technology is on boom, and its effect can be clearly seen on the social media. Today, you can chat, contact or get necessary information with the help of these social media. This is the growth of technology that has brought different interfaces, where people could meet and communicate with each other.

The word social media comprise of two words social and media. Let’s understand these two words first. Media can be an instrument or way that helps to communicate between two people, or group of people. It can be anything such as TV, Radio, Telephone, Newspaper, etc., but you need to keep in mind that a media in general is a one way communication. For example, if you are reading a Newspaper or listening to news on television, you can just get the information but you cannot reply with the help of the same media. So, these Medias are called as one-way street, because it is a one sided-interface, which helps to connect people.

On the other, there is a two way media which is known as social media. Here, you can communicate with each other and carry on two way communication. So, it is also popularly known as two-way-street. Some of the examples of the social media are as follows:

Social News Media: These sites help you in two way interaction, by allowing you to vote for articles and post comments. For example – Reddit, Propeller, Dogg, etc.

Social Networking Media: This is the most popular website for social media where you could send and receive messages, post tags, share photos, etc.

Information sharing in the form of Article: There are some websites which give you information with the help of some article written over there, and also allow you to post articles for their site. For Example – Wikipedia.

Social Bookmarking Media: Here you can tag websites and find different websites tagged by other people. For Example – Simpy, Del.icio.us,etc.

Thus, the technology and social media joining hand to hand, help you in two way communication. They provide us different interface, where we could interact with each other.

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